The Seer, the new album from reconstituted NY postpunk drone-gods Swans, is a masterpiece of insane heaviness: 10 songs spread out over two hours, full of yelps and screeches and tribal thuds and cathartic builds and general evil. Closing track “The Apostate” is 23 minutes of clanging and banging, and the heaviest headfuck you will hear all day. Hear it below, and check out a trailer for the live-show DVD that comes with the special edition of The Seer.

The Seer is out 8/28 on Young God, and it will peel your whole face back.

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  1. Yes! I’m anticipating this more than any other album this year. Can’t wait to see these guys in September

  2. Oh shit this is just like the time I watched the beach volleyball scene in Top Gun and now I’m paralyzed from the euphoric body spasms.

  3. first time I really listened to the band was Primavera Sound 2011, the gig was like a travel to the center of the earth, really impressive, even a bit scary at times, like a perfect drama. And yes, I became a big fan.

  4. Holy Shit! Just heard the whole album from a leak and it is fucking incredible. Album of the Year candidate for sure.

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