Tital Fight - Floral Green

Kingston, Pennsylvania ragers Title Fight are one of the bigger names on the whole Alternative Press/Warped Tour circuit, and they also might be the most underrated. Their 2011 debut Shed was the sort of artfully heartfelt post-hardcore that barely anybody makes anymore, and their second album could be even better. They’ll release new LP Floral Green this fall, and first single “Head In The Ceiling Fan” seesaws beautifully between Explosions In The Sky quiet guitar-surges to chest-beating slow-motion clangor. (Its title might also bring back painful memories among the taller of us.) To hear the song, check the video below, which collects Hi8 footage of the band in hangout mode. And to download it, use the widget below. Thanks to Michael_ for the tip.

Floral Green is out 9/18 on SideOneDummy.

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  1. I’m not surprised that this track is good, but I am somewhat surprised that’s the product of being produced by New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert. Shed was produced by Walter Schreifels (Quicksand, Gorilla Biscuits) and that’s a tough credibility to top in the realm of post-hardcore.

    • My bad — It was only rumored that Chad Gilbert would produce it, but turns out he didn’t. Not sure who recorded this one — I also heard J. Robbins was supposed to, but there’s no concrete news out there suggesting he did so.

  2. First and only mention of Kingston, PA on Stereogum?

  3. does this sound almost exactly like HUM to anyone else?

    • That was my first thought when I heard this song. Michael_ actually posted it a while back in the comments and I thought for sure there were members of Hum involved.

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