The first taste of Tame Impala’s forthcoming Lonerism was the swirling “Apocalypse Dreams,” and this evening they let go of the official first single “Elephant.” It’s a churning, multi-chambered jam that showcases a leaner, tighter take without sacrificing the psych-y haze. Makes sense, as that’s the thing Lonerism producer Dave Fridmann has made a career out of. Stream it below.

Lonerism is out 10/9 on Modular.

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  1. Given how much I loved Innerspeaker, I feel I’m destined to love Lonerism no matter what.

  2. This is awesome.

  3. Got some “Money” by Pink Floyd going on there.

  4. As simple as the YouTube video is, it’s awesome how it feels like I’m staring through my computer screen while zoning out to this song.

  5. this is great! now if only we could get some juicy gossip about these aussies!

  6. The bass line defintely rips off the Dr. Who theme..

  7. See you at Lolla…

  8. damn, 2 for 2 so far on this record! will also see you at Lolla

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