Shut Up, Dude 6/27/12

This week we heard new tunes from Bat For Lashes, the Mountain Goats, Crystal Castles, Tame Impala, and A$AP Rocky. Boy George covered Lana Del Rey, and Lana Del Rey covered Nirvana. We dropped our July Monthly Mix, ranked Ryan Adams’ discography, prematurely evaluated Rick Ross’ new one, and collected the 40 Coolest NSFW Album Covers. Busy week! Let’s see what you all had to say about it in this installment of Shut Up, Dude…


#10 Michael_ | Jul 20th Score:11

This week had some cool moments, but it was tough to beat last week. Can we talk about Michael Angelakos and Larry Fitzmaurice’s great feature on him at Pitchfork? It’s been a very brave year for musicians on all levels, and I felt that great piece kept the streak going. Also, I loved the entire format of that feature altogether — The scrolling magazine look, which I kind of think served as the final death knell to print publication.

And speaking of which, I read that Stereogum’s wealthy parents BuzzMedia have purchased SPIN and are planning to expand its online content. Word on the Internet is that they have no plans to keep the print edition going. What does Weingarten think of all this, as he’s helped resuscitate the quality of SPIN in the past several months, and further more, where does that put Stereogum, considering both it and SPIN have evolved into the same sort of indie / alternative pop culture well-known sources for news, features, Top (whatever) lists, streams, interviews, etc.? I’m aware BuzzMedia owns Gorilla vs. Bear, BrooklynVegan and other music sites, but things just got a bit blurry at the top of the food chain.

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti’s Mature Themes is out there. JoJo put out a great sexed up new single this week produced by Noah “40″ Shabib called “Demonstrate,” and it’s a little bit Aaliyah, a little bit The Emancipation of Mimi.

Humblebrag, but the guys from Trash Talk and members of Odd Future gave me a virtual pat on the back for that article I wrote last weekend on Frank Ocean, Trash Talk and why not caring is the most hardcore thing to do in 2012. Most successful piece I’ve ever written, and I’m humbled whenever anyone notices my words.

Seeing the Gaslight Anthem this weekend as well.

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#9 rejectedjeffdunhampuppet | Jul 26th Score:12

You guys are forgetting my *Nsync CD which my sister drew sharpie dicks all over.

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#8 LeMonjello | Jul 23rd Score:13

I imagine most bosses are not interested in the “it’s art” defense.

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#7 raptor jesus | Jul 23rd Score:13

Well his arms are in the right place but I think his penis needs some help.

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Sal Nunziato | Jul 26th Score:14

But really, there only should have been one Beatles song.

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#5 plb102 | Jul 20th Score:14

I’ve never tried to post a picture before, so if I screw this up I’m sure I’ll be too ashamed to ever try again. I found this fan pic of a Future Islands show today. Look at his package, is that a boner or does he have a pair of socks in there?

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#4 Elvis vs. Shark | Jul 20th Score:15

Future Islands frontman presently has a peninsula.

This is the caption contest page, right?

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#3 Dr. Feelgood | Jul 20th Score:15


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#2 Dr. Feelgood | Jul 20th Score:27

Fables of the Reconstruction was pretty cool.

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#1 Michael_ | Jul 23rd Score:34

Here’s the truly uncensored and un-Photoshopped NSFW version:

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#5 willsband | Jul 20th Score:-11

We engaged in a similar exercise on our podcast about a year and a half ago.

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Kevin Bastian | Jul 26th Score:-12

Bat for lashes, yuck! Shes got a weird nose. Put on some clothes.

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Aaron De La Fuente | Jul 23rd Score:-13

Feels like a grab at the “’Video Games’ of 2012″ award. Next.

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#2 glazzy | Jul 20th Score:-13

I never thought I’d say this but, FIRST!

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Naqiy Rudolph Mcmullen | Jul 25th Score:-14

I’d call Gossamer bipolar pop rather than deptression pop. And anyone who’d prefer Gaslight’s album over Passion’s is a faggot #realtalk

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Nick Degel | Jul 26th Score:5

That horse is in a world of trouble

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Comments (40)
  1. Who is Captain Murphy?

    Whether it’s Earl or Tyler or FlyLo or a combination of the three, he/they seriously need to put out an album. That solo track is amazing. My generation needs its DOOM.

    • Pretty sure it’s a different person. I scanned Murph’s twitter and the posts Aren’t Typed Like This So I Think It Isn’t Tyler. Not exactly court worthy evidence but other people have been saying it isn’t Tyler.

      I still wish it was this guy (RIP):

  2. I propose a separate worst comments category for blog (and/or podcast, apparently) self-promotions and “firsts”.

  3. I wonder if people were more likely to downvote the use of “faggot” in a derogatory sense or the use of #realtalk…

  4. This week, the city of Detroit turned 311. How should I celebrate, you guys?!

  5. The coolest things this week for me were everything to do with the Gaslight Anthem (seeing them live last Sunday which down as the best show of the year for me as of right now, Handwritten being released and a few reviews that got me to over-think public perception based on brand name) and Title Fight’s new single “Head In the Ceiling Fan” surpassing my alright high expectations.

    But about those Gaslight Anthem reviews — This time around, Pitchfork shelved it down way low to the 3rd review spot of the day and gave it a 5-point-something, which is kind of funny when you take into account Pitchfork’s review history with the band. The ’59 Sound got an 8.6 and American Slang got a decent 7.3, which put the band in favor over there. Dig a little deeper, and you find that Stereogum’s own Tom was responsible for that great 8.6 review, and this week, he names it the Album of the Week here on ‘Gum. And so it hits you: What if Tom never grew out of Pitchfork? What if Tom was still there and reviewed Handwritten instead of this Deusner fellow, and could have delivered yet another respectable score for these Jersey boys, thus saving them face with readers who take those scores at face value? Unfortunately, people look at Pitchfork reviews as “Pitchfork” reviews and not the by-line attached, but if they bothered to pay attention, they’d find that the guy who told them that The ’59 Sound four years ago is again telling them the Gaslight Anthem are writing great music.

  6. Oh wow I think I was drunk when I posted that comment, it slipped my mind until now. No excuse however, but I believe I was going for a crude attempt at irony since obviously the standard rock tropes of Gaslight typically represent conventional masculinity far more than the extravagant instrumentation and luxurious melodies of Passion Pit normally would. Anyway.. who else is boycotting Chik Fil A because of their hateful views?


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