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  • Arctic Monkeys @ London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony
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Arctic Monkeys

Last Friday, a few of us spent the end of our Friday afternoons attempting to watch choppy illegal streams of the BBC’s Olympics coverage — exactly the sort of thing NBC was trying to prevent us from seeing. Those of us who succeeded in tuning in saw some perfectly ridiculous things during the Ceremony, which filmmaker Danny Boyle directed, my favorite being the cartoon punks on pogo shoes who bounced around during “Pretty Vacant” and “Firestarter.” But the actual ceremony included a full-scale tribute to the entire history of British pop music, featuring performances from Paul McCartney, Dizzee Rascal, Frank Turner, and a ton of others, and music from the Rolling Stones, New Order, the Specials, David Bowie, the Kinks, the Jam, Happy Monday, and, um, Fuck Buttons. And Fuck Buttons side project Blanck Mass! Seriously. It was pretty impressive.

The show also included Arctic Monkeys playing live in the middle of the bowl, blasting through their first hit “I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor” and then covering the Beatles’ “Come Together,” accompanied by cyclists dressed as glow-in-the-dark gloves. Watch those two performances and hear the studio version of their “Come Together” cover below.

The studio version of the “Come Together” cover appears on the compilation Isles Of Wonder: Music For The Opening Ceremony, out now on Decca.

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  1. Was surprisingly impressed with this.

  2. Er, fairly sure you meant to write “cyclists dressed as glow-in-the-dark doves”…as opposed to “gloves”.

  3. luckily hansel pulled the plug on “relax” before anyone had the chance to assassinate the prime minister of malaysia

  4. Unless I missed it or NBC edited it out, it appears that, according to Danny Boyle, the history of British contribution to music does not include Radiohead.

    Someone please tell me I’m wrong.

  5. I want to know why Sir Elton John wasn’t included in ANY of this? Did he do something to offend the queen? Is it because he lives in Atlanta now? I’m not British, so maybe I’m missing something?

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  7. Worked great as part of the opening ceremony. But otherwise, this is a pretty superfluous cover. At least that shitty Michael Jackson one tried to make the thing sound different, and tied in with his rampant egotism.

  8. “Happy Monday” … *Mondays.

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