Liars - "Brats" Video

The Liars’ new video for the buzzing WIXIW track “Brats” sadly does not continue the story of their amazing “No. 1 Against The Rush” clip, but it’s just as freaked-out in its own right. The video, animated by Ian Cheng, works as a nightmare reimagining of the archetypal Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd story, as rendered in glitched-out CGI. Watch it below.

(via Spin)

WIXIW is out now on Mute.

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  1. nightmare is pretty accurate, i think. creepy.

  2. That…… was hilarious!!! Probably laughed harder at that video than any Bugs/Elmer cartoon I ever saw.

    The glitched out CGI is the perfect way to enhance the feel of “Brats”. It is still the BEST song on WIXIW (one of the best of the year). They’ve never done a song quite like it, quite in this fashion. It’s one of the most dance-able songs they’ve released since their debut. But instead of sounding bleak, haunted, disturbed or whatever other creepy emotion Liars tap into oh so well — it sounds FUN. Now with this video, it’s funny even! The perfect uplifting treat at WIXIW’s conclusion before sailing you out and back to the beginning.

    The part where Angus gets bunny kicked in the face while Aaron is holding Bugs. Epic Lulz.

    Great thing this song is addictive as hell. I’m showing this to all my friends one by one. Too damned funny. Why I love Liars – Right Here.

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