Bruce Springsteen in Finland

Next month, Bruce Springsteen will turn 63. He is pretty much my dad’s age. He has a global audience so adoring that he could easily get away with the standard hour-plus-encores show. And yet, last night in Finland, he played the longest show of his entire career — one that lasted four hours and five minutes, and that’s not counting the five-song acoustic set that he played while people were still entering Helsinki’s Olympic Stadium. As Rolling Stone reports, that’s the first time he’s ever broken the four-hour mark, despite a long career of marathon shows. So let’s all continue to live in awe of this man, and to be glad that we don’t live in his armpits. Below, watch fan footage of “Born To Run” from last night.

That guy! Conan O’Brien’s god status in Finland is no longer safe.

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  2. what a monster

  3. I feel like he definitely got close to the 4 hour mark at Bonnaroo. I wasn’t keeping official time though so who knows.

  4. Damn, why didn’t I keep 85 euros for his last french gig, hate myself.

  5. How Max Wienberg doesn’t collapse behind the kit during a four hour long show amazes me. Out of all the instruments in a band, drums are easily the most physically demanding and that’s essentially 4+ hours of essentially non-stop cardio.

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