Montag - "True Love"

Montreal dance producer Montag is at work on Phases, his montly singles project. The latest installment is “True Love,” a chilly, eerie ’80s-style Italo tune from producer James Bay, with vocals by Montag. Download it below.

Check out Phases here.

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  1. heidi montag – true love (ft. spencer) lol LOL!! lol lol lol LOLOLzzz!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD XD <—closing my eyes laugh so hard!!!

    i think that every song should have a different variation of this type of synth run in it. it's underused and what a treat it is, boy, it takes me to a place that's in the past, but also in the future. it takes me to 11th dimension video. JC (asablancas) knows how to use a synth run. for example, "tourist" sort of hits in this direction. i'm happy with it, you know, i hear it and i feel good because the synths are runnin and i'm in 11th dimension – though they could be more like this heidi montag slice of synth pie too. also, the guitar solo on "glass" at the 3:39 mark – its not a synth (or is it?) but this is what I'm talking about – back to back notes just pummelling papa d in the face like some sort of synth fight club catharsis. I need to feel something, and that something is a tickle from the synth runnin like olymipics.
    shit knocks, dece.

    - d

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