A$AP Rocky Covers "Pumped Up Kicks"

Today, A$AP Rocky did a live session for Zane Lowe’s BBC1 Radio show, where he played a rendition of his single “Goldie.” But luckily enough, for all of us, that wasn’t it! He also covered “Pumped Up Kicks.” He doesn’t know many of the words, though if I had to guess “Which critically-approved rapper is most likely to cover “Pumped Up Kicks?” Rocky would actually be pretty high on my list, if that makes any sense (he seems to like attention). Hear it below.

(via Fake Walls)

We’ll tap you when he gets around to covering “The House That Heaven Built.”

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  1. Worst cover ever? Maybe.

  2. A$AP to save the day. ; )

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  4. Srsly? it aint a coooveeeeer, it’s a joke!

  5. it’s not short enough :(

  6. this is fucking pathetic

  7. Man I hope this makes the album!

  8. World: please stop listening to/caring about/talking about/covering/remixing this song. URG.

  9. I’m forced to assume this is a joke, otherwise it’s just embarrassing

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