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  • Bloc Party @ Apogee's Berkeley Street Studio
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Bloc Party

Gearing up for the release of their fourth album aptly entitled Four, Bloc Party stopped by Apogee’s Berkeley Street Studio for a taping of a KCRW session that will air on August 15th. KCRW Music director Jason Bentley interviewed the band and described the album as “metal.” This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Kele Okereke said the Deftones’ White Pony was an influence when writing the album. Ten of their eleven song set were all new songs revealing that influence as songs like “Kettling” and “Coliseum” had some detuned guitars with some loud and soft dynamics. Check out Russell Lissack’s monstrous pedalboard in the pictures above and setlist below.

01 “So He Begins To Lie”
02 “3×3″
03 “Octopus”
04 “Real Talk”
05 “Kettling”
06 “Coliseum”
07 “Black Crown”
08 “Day 4″
09 “Team A”
10 “Truth”
11 “This Modern Love”

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  1. Nothing thus far has sounded very “metal” about Four to me, but there’s still a lot I haven’t yet heard. Bringing Ceremony out on tour gave me an indication that they wanted to put on an edgy front this time around, and it will also be cool to see how that’s going to confuse fans who dig the sentimental, lighter tracks as they get swallowed up in a pit during “Sick.”

    • I dont know about you mike but i’m worried. kele’s judgment has been compromised for the past few years and….. i don’t know. ………. i don’t…….i dont know if i can take any tenderoni. tenderoni is fine, or whatevs, you know? but i have needs. i’m a human, i have needs. if they dont put out i’ll get it somewhere else. it’s fine. but, i’m serious about this.

      • I understand. One day he’s wearing a Rihanna tee that’s reappropriated with the classic Nirvana logo, and you’re thinking, “No — not the dance beats…,” and the next he’s rocking a vintage Public Enemy, talking up White Pony and it’s like being tricked by an ex lover to come over late one Friday night, kind of unsure about whether you’re supposed to care or not about what you’re wearing.

        • exactly – i’ll put on deodorant, baby powd’ on the gents’, but i’m not going to shower. i’ll be civil and not give off an offensive odour, but im not going to shower and reinforce bad behaviour and poor choices. if you want me clean then let’s get our shit together. helicopter, jools holland – let’s do this boys. the passion is in there somewhere. light a candle, blow a j, get weird with it. sometimes, and pardon my french, but you just want to be fucked. and, let’s be honest, intimacy was this

          when what we want is this

          how can i be any more clear? right?

  2. I read the headline and was all– Cool, Bloc Party is hitting up Applebee’s, MY neighborhood bar and grill!

    I hope they got the 2 for $20 deal…

  3. well I for one am very hopeful about Four. It certainly sounds like the most interesting Bloc Party material I’ve heard since Silent Alarm, save for a few things here and there.

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