Shut Up, Dude 8/3/12

This week was bookended by a pair of songs — Animal Collective’s “Today’s Supernatural” and Grizzly Bear’s “Yet Again” — that come from two of our most anticipated albums of the year. Are you so excited? You guys seem pretty excited about them. I am too. Which do love more? Who would win in a fight, Ed Droste or Avey Tare? After you place your bets, check out this week’s highest and lowest rated comments of the week, as voted on by you, below. (Also, you have a few more hours to stream all of Yeasayer’s Fragrant World here before the clips get scraped from YouTube. So get on that if you haven’t yet.)


#10 yoko_oh_no | Jul 31st Score:24

I honestly don’t understand why Chris Brown hasn’t been collectively shunned by the music community.

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#8 JaggerT | Jul 31st Score:28

I may be out of touch, but the ‘Best Rock Video’ category made a couple claims that were shocking to me:
1. Coldplay is a rock band.
2. Linkin Park still exists.

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Joe Howse | Jul 30th Score:28

Courtney Love – ‘Nobody out-crazies me! Where’s my phone?’

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#6 crumbles | Jul 30th Score:28

Maybe you should stop spending so much time listening to music you don’t like.

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Danny Devereauxx | Aug 2nd Score:30

this song is very disrespectful to the haters

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#4 plb102 | Jul 27th Score:33

But if he were alive I bet he’d be hittin’ that shit.

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#3 dbr | Jul 30th Score:38

Joe Howse: he’ll take your Animal Collective puns and Tare them to pieces.

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#2 letsplaytwister | Jul 31st Score:41

To MTV, “rock” is just anything with real drums I think.

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#1 old man rock | Jul 30th Score:61

The scene in the new Batman movie were 3,000 men are stuck in a cavernous sewer is also about Courthey’s vagina.

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#5 sellingthefuckout | Jul 27th Score:-8

But, he’s gay ya’ll…!!!!!

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#4 andy_james | Jul 31st Score:-15

haha clever!

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#3 jmusic | Jul 27th Score:-16

What better way to celebrate then checking out Florida’s only Smiths/Morrissey cover band “The Ordinary Boys” who will be performing tonight at The Poorhouse in Ft. Lauderdale… South FLoridians see the event here—>

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Jean-Baptiste Say | Aug 1st Score:-21


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#1 andy_james | Jul 31st Score:-28

i really wish stereogum would stop sucking frank oceans cock. he fuckin sucks! please give up the rap/ hip hop bullshit and focus on what this blog is SUPPOSED to be about, INDIE MUSIC!

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Nick Burica | Jul 31st Score:2

frickin rich dudes

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Amrit’s out today, so you’ll just have to guess at his editor’s choice! And be sure to check back here throughout the weekend for reviews, photos, and videos from Lollapalooza.

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  1. I’m working security at the Olympics and I can hear some of the games. Between each point they play music in the arena. I hope M83 enjoys his royalty cheque.

  2. I was totally getting upset with crumbles jumping ahead of me. Then Joe Howse stepped between us and reminded me there’s room for everybody. Thanks again, Howse.

  3. So I got the Michael_ treatment at work this week. They blocked all sites that involved streaming media including Stereogum. I think it had to do with too many people trying to stream the Olympics. I work from home on Fridays so I can still throw out a few smart ass remarks in Shut Up, Dude, but outside of that I’m done, at least during the day which is when commenting is way more fun. I wanna be interactive not reactive, ya know?

    In other news I’ll be unexpectedly heading to Lollapalooza for a second year in a row because a friend won tickets on twitter. This year he got two free VIP passes for Saturday. According to the Lolla website one of the perks of the VIP pass is “mini spa treatments throughout the weekend” so if I get a mani/pedi I’ll make sure to post a review in the Lolla Saturday comments.

    • Unexpected VIP Lolla tickets?!?! I’m really jelly. Maybe you’ll see me getting beat up by security guards as I try to hop the new-and-improved double fence.

      • Well if that doesn’t work out I’m sure Wedding Banned is playing at a street fest somewhere.

        This year he got them from Citi somehow. Last year he got two three day passes when Perry Farrell’s wife gave them out to the first ten people to respond with the location of the first Lolla. I believe the answer was Tuscon.

        There are a ton of good bands playing tomorrow, but mostly I’m just super geeked for Frank Ocean… and possibly a free hot stone massage

    • Hey duders, I feel for ya about the work site blockage. Sometimes you just have to say something about a song or story right then and there, and the Stereogum commenters are the only ones who will be there to genuinely take them in. Then, it just festers in you until the end of the day, but by the time you have a chance to post the comment, it’s either beyond pointless or falls on deaf eyes. Add to that, you feel out of the loop unless you have your mobile at your disposal with all the days’ events. Maybe we can start a support group? Or perhaps a Stereogum… After Dark series that I’m sure donnytilla would add some nasty, dirty and unadulterated commentary toward.

      It was a slow week, though, aside from the new AnCo, Dum Dum Girls and Grizzly Bear. I have way too many new albums in my possession (Cat Power, Dan Deacon, Sleepies, Title Fight, Wild Nothing, Yeasayer) and I’m thinking this is going to be one of the best end of years for new music in recent memory.

      Also, I saw this in a tweet via @GODMODEINTERNET and thought this was a humorous Tumblr. It’s basically the gripes of being a music editor. As small as my own operation is, I can relate to some of these, and would probably add:

      - “When a band follows you on Twitter and expects you to write about them.”
      - “When Lo from The Hills claims to be a fan of your blog, and then asks you to cover some pop star she now represents in her second life as an artist publicist.”
      - “When Pitchfork posts an album or song review a day or two after yours and re-tells the same story in the same exact patter but with better diction.”
      - “When bands won’t retweet your positive reviews of their songs or albums, but jump at the chance to do so for Pitchfork or Stereogum 10 seconds later.”

      There’s some good people out there, too, though, don’t get me wrong.

  4. Also worth noting: micahrophone’s comment wasn’t supposed to be blank. It was a URL to a .jpg that didn’t render. Micahrophone, what img was it supposed to be?!!

  5. For some reason, I highly doubt this andy_james character will undergo one of those famous Michael_esque bouncebacks next week, despite his use of an underscore.

  6. One time, Joe Howse saw this guy who hadn’t been in the top 10 for a few weeks, and so he went up to the guy and said, “hey, man, want to take a ride on my coattails? Hop on board! Next stop #3!”

    When the guy got off, Joe Howse said, “wait! You forgot something…” And the guy was like, “oh, right…”, and he started fishing around in his pockets for money to pay him for the ride.

    But Joe Howse was horror-struck. “What!?! No, no, no! I just meant this.” And then he handed the guy his coat.

    • I bet Joe Howse’s car still has new car smell even though its like three years old.

      • It did—until he discovered his new weekend pastime: going out to bars and looking for drunk people—so he can give them free rides home. One too many vomiting episodes (or “opportunities to hone my cleaning skills,” as he calls them).

  7. i don’t want to be paranoid, and pardoné mon french language (PMF), but what the fuck happened? someone or some THING is out for me, downvoting all my art, why? have you ever painted a beautiful picture only to have someone take a soil shower on it and your pride? show yourself. or don’t – PISSYPANTS (pmf)


  8. Wow, #2! I actually totally forgot about my comment until reading this. This commenting game IS fun!

  9. jeez, how many AnCo bashing comments does a guy have to post to get downvoted around here?

  10. Stereogum! End your silence on the tragic death of Bill Doss. As far as I can tell there has been no mention of it in any news item. Don’t make me initiate the ancient karmic rituals of my people. I’m Irish-Italian. That should be enough to let you know what kinds of voodoo magic I have at my disposal. Okay, none. But post about Bill Doss.

  11. whos bill doss bro?

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