Paul Banks - Banks

Three years ago, Interpol frontman Paul Banks released his first-ever solo album under his Julian Plenti alter-ego. Earlier this year, it looked like that alter-ego was on its way back, as Banks released the Julian Plenti Lives… EP. But instead, Banks just announced his first solo album under his own name. It’s called Banks, and he recorded it with Interpol producer Peter Katis. Below, download the very Interpol-sounding first single “The Base.”

Banks is out 10/23 on Matador.

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  1. Really? He’s just going to call it Banks, and we don’t even get a picture of banks on the cover?

  2. errr… “the very Interpol-sounding first single”

  3. I’m not hearing the “very interpol-sounding” either. which in this case, is probably a good thing.

  4. The only thing “Interpol-sounding” about this is the delicious bass tone and the twinkly clean guitar line. I guess the straight eighth-note guitar chords in the bridge might qualify, but that’s stretching. This ain’t exactly “Obstacle 3.”

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