Bob Mould - Silver Age

Who knew the recent Sugar reissues were just leading up to Bob Mould totally reclaiming his former glory and ripping it up FU:EL style again? Who even thought that was possible? “The Descent” is the first track to be released from Mould’s forthcoming Silver Age, and it’s everything you want from a Bob Mould song: fast, heavy, sweeping, tight; all glide guitars and sweetly layered vocals and Elvis Costello hooks. I’m seriously going to listen to this thing a dozen times in the next hour. You should, too.

Silver Age is out 9/4 via Merge.

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  1. This is great. Sounds like “Flip Your Wig” vintage Husker Du. Which is a good thing.

    BTW, when is the Husker Du worst-to-best feature running? I will have some thoughts on that …

  2. Hey Michael, this article made my day!…Up to 9th time on repeat…I’ve opted to do nothing else for the next hour except listen to this. The next hour will be dedicated to playing FU:EL on repeat. Bob Mould is hands down one of the favorite rock music writers/performers of all time. The hooks and subtleties he put’s into every song puts each work over the top…you can listen a thousand times and will still hear something different in the 14th backing guitar part or vocals buried miles in the background. The layering in his productions and how the listener can decipher every single element, all while you feel like you’re getting smacked in the face by a 2×4, is unrivaled.

    This song is so good it gives me chills.


  3. this song is so good, it gives me chills.

  4. sounds good, I hope its not one of one or two rockers surrounded by slower love songs…

  5. More Great music to keep me going at the Gym. Bob always goes along with me.

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