Woods - Bend Beyond

I’d argue that Brooklyn’s Woods have quietly assembled a near-flawless discography over the past five years, and based on what little we’ve heard of the forthcoming Bend Beyond, their streak is set to continue. The first single from the album, “Cali In A Cup,” debuted last month, and now we get “Size Meets The Sound,” a blissful rush of sun-baked psychedelia. (Off-topic: lots of alliteration in these titles, right? Is that a thing?) Anyway, tune in, turn on, drop out:

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  1. This post gets an A+ for alluding to the Parties’ “Summer Vacation” in the last sentence.

    • *The Party’s

    • Is this some form of ironic ignorance of Timothy Leary?

      • You’re right — The Party’s Summer Vacation goes “Tune in, groove on, bust out.” I don’t know who TImothy Leary even is, but I do know my The New Mickey Mouse Club-fabricated pop groups.

        And thanks for going down all of my comments that I’ve ever posted and downvoting them, you fucking waste of life.

        • I didn’t down vote any of your comments but they justifiable deserve them.

          You don’t know who Timothy Leary is? He was a counterculture figure of the 1960s who popularized the saying, “Turn on, tune in, drop out”. The saying advocates the use of psychedelics.

          • Know the name, didn’t know the extent of his bio. I’m not into drug culture, so that explains my lack of knowledge of the subject.

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