Shut Up, Dude: 8/10/12

This week we witnessed some thoughtful debate about: the new xx track “Chained,” Beck’s decision to release his next album as sheet music, and our scientific ranking of Blur’s 10 best songs. One thing we all agree upon, though, is Muse make a goofy dubstep act. The highest and lowest rated comments of the week await you below.



Stephen Hall | Aug 8th Score:24

Presidential Candidate to Release Tax Records as Deluxe LP.

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#8 donnytilla | Aug 8th Score:26

I’m deaf, you asshole.

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#7 phitwoym | Aug 7th Score:28

subtly tweaked

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#6 djfreshié | Aug 8th Score:30


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#5 frank booth | Aug 8th Score:30

Thank you, Amrit. I wish more people would discuss subjects like this in depth without lowering the situation to mindless fear-mongering.

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#3 annoyingmouse | Aug 8th Score:36

It’s quite funny that we can describe publishing music in the manner that it has been released for the vast majority of the few thousand years of music history as “unusual”.

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#2 Dr. Feelgood | Aug 8th Score:41

There are literally hundreds (thousands?) of people on this earth. I’m sure it’ll happen.

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Stephen Hall | Aug 8th Score:44

lololololol Grandpa? Is that you?

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#5 trinity firearms | Aug 3rd Score:-11

The whole ancho vs GB debate is over , it was on in 2009 but now makes no sense. Anco have gone down the rabbit hole for better or worse (worse in my opinion ) and are basically a hipster phish, a jam band for the alt bros that’s acceptable to like. Grizzly Bear used to be a bit tame for me but I’m loving their harder edge on these new tracks. I appreciate GB’s melodies and song structures more, particularly Dan’s more ornate ones….very very excited for Shields. Only wish the new animal collective song didn’t cause seizures…and had more panda, but the music snob teenage boys eat it up so let the, have it.

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Kuba Szymkowiak | Aug 9th Score:-17

Hey, there is such place. It’s called YouTube :)

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Bobby McBride | Aug 8th Score:-24

i don’t think anyone is a hard-core fan enough of Beck’s to actually sit down and learn it, arrange it or record it.. prove me wrong, anyone’s favorite band Beck, and if so, are they clever enough to read sheet music and perform it on something?

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Danny Diaz | Aug 8th Score:-26

Amrit, enough with the peace song shit, Sikhs hate Muslims with a passion. Sikhs wish all Muslims(god worshiping people) would all vanish. And the Sikhs temples are filled with swords, I don’t find anything peaceful having arms in a temple. Enough with the bullshit, these stupid fake hipster kids wish they knew what was really going on in this world, stop feeding them with deceptions and shut the f’up.

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Danny Diaz | Aug 8th Score:-27

No no the inbred excuse for an American is confused and thought the Sikhs were Muslims. So the death that occurred in that temple in Wisconsin was not descend on the peace loving Sikhs, but was meant for hate mongering, backward thinking Muslims. So I guess violent death is meant for only Muslims.

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cha12 | Aug 8th Score:10

Thank you for your willingness to share your own experiences, Amrit. It’s so important to think about this kind of hate in context. It doesn’t just exist as a madman killing free Americans who were practicing their faith, but also – and maybe to a lesser extent, but still – as kids ostracising a classmate for wearing a jura or a turban or a yarmulke or anything else. Or as people shouting “terrorist” at others in the months after 9/11.

This attack itself was chilling, but reading about this guy’s connections to the hate music scene was disturbing in a much more subtle way. I think we’re all here because we understand and appreciate the power of music, and it is deeply disturbing to think about that power being used as a conduit for hate. The thought that kids experiencing feelings of rebellion are pulled into the white supremacist scene by the music is really unsettling, because we all know how music can hit you at your core and channel your emotions. It’s a scary thought that music like this man’s is out there using that to lead people into hate.

I don’t know what I’m trying to say here, but I’m glad that there is a forum like this where we can discuss these things and have some healthy debate about music as a medium for positive change. Stereogummers have their disagreements and all, but hopefully always toward the end of exchanging ideas in a positive way.

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  1. Since I hit #4 with a reaction .gif, it only makes sense to celebrate the same way.

  2. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  3. Aside from the fact I’m being stalked by a chronic downvoter on here, what I want to talk about is this new Bloc Party album. It sounds like an early 2000s post-hardcore-emo major label debut, no? I know they mentioned Deftones’ White Pony, but I also got some Thursday’s War All the Time and Sparta Wiretap Scars feelings from it. It’s kind of a cool surprise, as I had kind of written them off after the last two albums saw them progressively seem less inspired but there’s some nice heavy riffage and some twinkly Jimmy Eat World sap going on here. I definitely understand why Ceremony is opening for them now.

    • I’d love the new Bloc party to resemble their debut but the two songs I’ve heard, well…not a chance in hell. Perhaps the ‘heavy riffage’ is on the other songs. Here’s to hoping.

    • with you there michael_, would like to see some space to discuss four – and definitely hear some influences from that time period you mention. though my reaction was a little less favorable, “kettling” and “coliseum” reminding me a bit of incubus for whatever reason (could be wrong with that association, it’s been a while since high school). that said, kele and co still make some pretty awesome “pretty” music – “real talk” and “day four” being the standouts for me.

    • I’m listening to it. liveblog thoughts donny titty, intoxicated, 3 whatevs AM. going to watch goldfinger later

      3×3 – lamest shit i have ever heard. “no means no” x infinity – fucking awful. this isn’t what I want. You are not chino moreno broski, and thats a plusino.

      octopus is a lil…… aslfd;j. I’m not happy, I liked Mercury better, and it’s not my fav.

      Real talk – a grower? Sounds like it was recorded on my asshole and mixed in my rectum. Bad mixin’ board maybe? I hear country mike in the background:

      Kettling – initial reaction: “fuuuuuxxx,” then I got into the groove, then the verse, wtf. Then Kele nails that chorus. But it’s 90′s as fuck and maybe it’s a bit too early or maybe we don’t need this. I can hear this shit on 89x so maybe that’s the point. At this point, I’m thinkin: “maladroit?” Actually this bones pretty dece, but the 90′s vibes are throwing me off. Bad vibes maybe. Sum-41 vibes never good.

      Day Four – Wharves (dece). Actually the back half of this song is ‘gorge.

      Coliseum – no question the worst bloc song written – bar none. Does this feature Nickelback? (Holy fuuuuuuuuuck.) Guitar just kicked in. Finding it difficult to believe this got worse and more Velvet Revolver. Did weezer bang Seether. Pain? Whhhhhhyyyyyyy

      VALIS – Good sound. Chorus kind of catchy, but annoying. Just thought of Shania Twain which is not good.

      Team A – Nice intro. Not feeling great about anything right now. Where is the bloc party sound? This could have been written by Edwin and the Pressure (not a compliment):

      Truth – Oh. Shit. This is the tickle I needed. Good vibes all around here. Easily the best song on the album.

      Rest is meh.

      DT score: 2.5/5 meh deces.

    • I’m still curious to hear the rest of the album, even though the two songs they’ve released so far blow. In the trailer ( there were a few encouraging moments from other tunes…like what starts at 2:21

  4. If I posted a comment one Friday about how I can’t get on to Stereogum at work anymore and would therefore no longer be commenting on a regular basis only to come into work on Monday to find that I could in fact go on Stereogum at work again and commented as usual all week should I address what happened or just play it off and assume no one noticed?

  5. i worked my ass off this week – i fucking killed it.

    • Yr comments kept me chuckling on the overnight shift I’ve been working the past 12 days d-tits. Glad to see your downvoten’ haters are yr upvoten’ motivators. Keep ra-ta-tat-tat tommy gun blasten it for me, as there isn’t much of a discussion to get involved with here at 5 in the morning.

      • I stayed up for you tonight and it is getting late as fuck. at this moment, my methods make sense. also, I’ve been drunking. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <==3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  6. Opened up Stereogum for the first time in about a week, I think to myself “why not check out the ‘Shut Up, Dude’ first?” And what to my wondering eyes should appear? A growing erection on a non-stop loop. Thanks, internet!


  8. I was beaten by a boner? I guess that’s fair.

    Also, I saw Real Estate last night! And they were awesome! They covered the Sweater Song! I danced like an idiot the whole time! And that new song is really really good live, not sure how it’ll sound on record though.

  9. that Xray boner is freaky haha

  10. At great risk of taking our tongue-in-cheek appreciation of 311 too far, I felt I’d share this little nugget from Rolling Stone. And I read:

    “The Creed singer made an unwelcome comment to Martinez’s wife, after which drummer Chad Sexton, who was friend (sic) with Stapp, tried to calm him down. “That’s when he sucker-punched me,” Martinez told Rolling Stone. “He hit me right in the face.” Stapp then reportedly hit Martinez’s wife, someone called P-Nut got involved, and eventually hotel security shut it down. Martinez suffered a fractured knuckle.”

    Look at you, Rolling Stone. Pretending you’re too cool to know who P-Nut is. Because you know EXACTLY who P-Nut is. Don’t me jealous that you’re not on his level.



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