This morning the internet provided a full stream of Yeasayer’s forthcoming Fragrant World, and now that very same internet caps it off with a little bonus remix by the band of a Gotye song that is not “Somebody I Used To Know.” The source track is the slick and smooth, tom-drummed drama-pop of “Eyes Wide Open“; the remix is more slinky than slick, also butter smooth but in a very different manner — chill-out lounge with deep bass, intermittent sympathetic sitar strings, and skewed synth/percussion patches filling in the holes in the polyglot groove. If there’s a Hollywood music supervisor out there looking for the perfect background track for when the hero walks into a high-end Asian fusion restaurant to meet his destiny, please take the rest of the day off because I just did your job. Hear it at Soundcloud.

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  1. wait, gotye has other songs?

  2. for some reason, this seems to totally make sense…

  3. listen to state of the art…that song is genius

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