Green Day - Kill The DJ

One of the best-known and most-quoted Smiths songs is “Panic!” which closes with a coda of Morrissey just repeating, over and over again, “Hang the DJ.” Green Day’s new song, “Kill The DJ” — the second single from their forthcoming ¡Uno! — has a similar lyric: Billie Joe Armstrong just repeats, over and over again, “Kill the DJ.” That’s where the similarities end. Like “Oh Love,” “Kill The DJ” shows admirable restraint relative to anything Green Day has released since 2000′s Warning, although it sees the band trying their hand at something approaching dance-pop. Armstrong told Rolling Stone the DJ in the lyric is actually just “static and noise … Like this government cannot, will not, agree with itself. They refuse to make it work. Right, left –- it doesn’t matter. It blows your mind and pisses you off. It’s a song about being drunk, going through this chaos, feeling fucked up and all you want to do is get more drunk.” Morrissey would be … not proud, exactly. Disinterested? Probably.

¡Uno! will be released 9/25 followed by ¡Dos! on 11/13, and ¡Tres! on 1/15/2013.

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  1. I’d rather murder the messenger.

  2. Disinterested is the word.

  3. the only time i ever listen to green day is when stereogum posts about them… and every time, i’m like, “oh i remember why i dont listen to them anymore.”

    • That’s the thing about Green Day, there’s probably loads of 11 year olds shitting themselves with excitement over this… but they’ll grow out of it as well.

  4. Wow, this is not very good. I wish they had broken up after Nimrod. Some bands should not try to make “important” music.

  5. im 17 and shitting myself thank you very much

  6. “green day are hitlers fascists” – Morrissey
    “this sucks.” – D.

  7. We’re gonna need a bigger UGH.

  8. at least the lyrics are a little better than “oh love” – this is hardly a palate cleanser

  9. Seriously? I’m gonna go back over to the Bright Eyes post…

  10. Ouch. These last two songs make their last album seem decent in comparison.

  11. So let’s just complain about Green Day on a Green Day post. Go away haters. Go away.

    Oh wait. I forgot that to prove your coolness you have to make fun of a band that is popular when they release a song that disinterests you.

    How about just don’t listen to it and go away.


  12. is it me, or does this sound like a god awful, extremely poor attempt to be the arctic monkeys?

  13. The beginning kinda sounds like Icky Thump. That’s really the best I can say.

  14. green poo

  15. Again, all you can do is hate. Attempting to care enough to say you hate the song is not cool. So not cool.

  16. i actually don’t mind this song but i still hate oh love

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