Bloc Party - 4

Since Bloc Party announced details for their new album, Four, in May, we’ve heard “Day Four” and seen the video for “Octopus.” Now, the band is streaming the entire record at their website. Head to the menu on the right side of the page and have at it.

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  1. V.A.L.I.S. !!!

  2. So He Begins To Lie, Day Four, V.A.L.I.S., Team A, Truth… Awesome. This is crazy good.

  3. Seems like there are some quite good songs on this, and also a couple of non-starters. But the weirdest thing is the crazy mix of styles within the album! I don’t know what to think! Someone give me an opinion until I have listened enough to formulate my own!

  4. I like Kettling, sounds a bit Pumpkin-esque.

  5. I ain’t agint it I’m for it!

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