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  • The Cure - Wild Mood Swings
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13. Wild Mood Swings (1996): Wild Mood Swings came at a strange time -- the band was coming off several years of success, but the lineup was in flux. Boris Williams -- the best drummer they would ever have -- up and left, while guitarist Porl Thompson flew the coop for greener pastures (playing with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant), leaving Robert Smith and guitarist Perry Bamonte to start work on the album by themselves. Smith busts out his favorite misdirection at the top of the record, and it’s one he would use time and again: opening with a massive (albeit awesome) downer. In this case, it’s more indicative of the emotional extremes contained within than a specific direction for the record. Wild Mood Swings was an attempt to recapture the manic-depressive magic of Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, though it comes off a bit stilted and schizophrenic -- more flighty than inspired. Fake-string-drenched bummers like "This Is A Lie" awkwardly bump up against gaudy Spanish horns on "The 13th." Like every Cure album, it has its moments -- "Want" hits hard, and the melancholy "Jupiter Crash" is a soft-spoken classic. But the running order is inconsistent at best. A languid jazziness permeates half the album, which rarely does the band any favors. Smith’s voice, without its customary backing, can come off cartoonish. A telling quote on the Wikipedia page for "The 13th" reads: "The song is intensely disliked by many Cure fans."

From lightless depths to the dizziest heights, the Cure have always traded in extremes. Albums careen from genre to genre, capturing a wider, stranger range of emotions than most other bands could dream of. Starting with a nervous post-punk twitch that led to the existential freeze of their pioneering goth trilogy, the band would flit from one style to another, reinventing itself along the way, dabbling with dense, heady psychedelia and going for broke with glistening, giddy jangle-pop — and a million shades of light in between. Robert Smith — with his big, overwhelming, infectious emotions — has proven himself a brilliant songsmith in just about every sense that counts: At their peak, the Cure sold millions of records, raked in hits, and steadily built a devoted following around the world. The glory years may be a glimmer in the rearview, but the Cure still release solid new material every few years, and hey, they can still fill a stadium.

Fortunately for us, the Cure don’t really make bad albums, not by normal standards. At their worst, they’re merely strange — interesting diversions rather than life-changing experiences. At their best, they’re fucking brilliant. It’s hard to picture a band more evocative of unique textures and emotions than the Cure; the songs practically exist outside of time. There’s an intoxicating, tangible strangeness at work — the atmosphere sets you up for the hooks, which open the door for the lyrics to work their way inside your head. Listening, you’re pulled into a glimmering, twilit dreamscape: someplace imaginary, but almost real; the kind of place you’ve always known but never seen. The songs feel so specific and personal it’s hard to believe they work on such a universal level, but therein lies the magic.

Since releasing Wish in 1992, the Cure have kept to a steady schedule, putting out a new record every four years without fail. The last record came out in 2008 … and here we are in 2012. Sadly, there’s no definitive word about a projected release date for the 14th Cure record, reported to be the second half of 4:13 Dream. In the meantime, let’s pull up the carpet and see what shakes out as we look back through the catalog of one of the most brilliant bands of all time. These are the albums of the Cure, from worst to best. Start the Countdown here; start your case for Wild Mood Swings in the comments.

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  1. Here’s mine..

    01. Disintegration
    02. Pornography
    03. Faith
    04. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    05. Wish
    06. Seventeen Seconds
    07. Head on the Door
    08. The Top
    09. Three Imaginary Boys
    10. Bloodflowers
    11. The Cure
    12. 4:13 Dream
    13. Wild Mood Swings

  2. pretty solid, if fairly predictable, list, though i’d definitely place ‘the cure’ and ’413 dream’ behind ‘wild mood swings’ simply based on how TERRIBLE those two albums sound. wms might not have a perfect setlist, but it at least sounds good. i don’t know what the producers, mixers, and engineers were thinking on their last two records (and yes, robert smith, i’m also looking at you) but they are two of the worst sounding, muddy and downright unlistenable albums i’ve ever heard.

    • Wild Mood Swings is the worst sounding Cure album.. it’s so tinny and trebly.. it hurts my ears.

      • nah. have you ever listened to s/t on headphones? you can’t hear anything that’s going on. there are some great synth lines on ‘lost’ but they’re buried so deep, and smith’s voice mixed so fucking high, that it’s near impossible to tell. at least on WMS things are clear.

    • “if fairly predictable”

      I didn’t find it to be all that predictable, but enough if it was, I couldn’t complain. I expect the list-maker to tell me what he really feels/thinks, regardless of how predictable that may turn out. I don’t want a contrived, dishonest list for the sake of surprise.

  3. well saw them in Paris for a 3hours show for the disintegration tour in 1989…(man, i was 16 !), but i don’t agree, the perfect trilogy : Pornography/faith/ 17″. The top and Kiss me (3x)…are not pretty well for my tatse ranked but hey…not bad anyway…

  4. I’d just swap Bloodflowers and Faith’s positions and then say this is a really great list. My favorite Stereogum album ranking list I think. And although it’s been said a million times before, Disintegration really is the best album ever.

  5. I’m not sure how many of you would agree, but Bloodflowers is actually one of my favorites. I would have put it higher, but I don’t know which of the albums above it I would knock down.

    • It’s a favorite of mine, too, and I’d move it up the list on the strength of “Maybe Someday” alone, but as a complete album, I agree with the review – the songs do tend to run together. So maybe just a slight bump.

  6. okay fine. wms should be a little higher though. ross robinson fucking ruined the cure with s/t i can’t believe nobody stepped in on that one. maybe one good song on the whole dreadful thing. disintegration is not my favorite cure album, but it is the best album ever. if that makes any sense? this week i love the top best.

  7. i’d put wish at the top of mine because “open”

    best cure song ever

    • open IS the best cure song ever, but Disintegration is still the best album of all time :-)

    • I also have a soft spot for ‘Wish’ and ‘Open,’ partially because the only time I saw the Cure live was during the ‘Wish’ tour. Really, I think it’s an absurdly underrated album. I hope the long-planned remastered version will finally be released at some point.

  8. Come on, S/T isn’t that bad. “Lost”, “Labyrinth” and “End of the World” are great songs. Some classic Cure there.

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  10. The only misstep for me is putting the Three Imaginary Boys above Seventeen Seconds.

  11. i have to admit i have a huge soft spot for the self titled album, because it came out when i was in high school and just discovering the cure for the first time.

    • I really like that one too and continue to be disappointed in a lot of people’s inability to fully appreciate it. I would agree that Wild Mood Swings is not as good as the other albums, but I can’t help but feel that a list that puts all of the post-Wish albums at the bottom reflects lazy listening/list-making. In a way, if someone is going to make a list like this for the Cure, I would rather him/her just make a top five. I think even their “worst” albums are quite worthwhile and ranking any one of them 11th or 12th sends the wrong message.

  12. Favourite band ever!

    This would be my list:

    01. Disintegration
    02. Boys Don’t Cry (aka Three Imaginary Boys)
    03. Pornography
    04. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    05. Head on the Door
    06. Seventeen Seconds
    07. Faith
    08. The Top
    09. Wish
    -When things get much worse-
    10. Bloodflowers
    11. Wild Mood Swings
    12. The Cure
    13. 4:13 Dream

    And if I were to add their “Japanese Whispers” compilation it would be in 5th place.

  13. Can we do the Sex Pistols next?

  14. I love “the 13th” from Wild Mood Swings. “It feels Gooooood!”

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  16. List is only slightly of…Top albums (and this is clearly exluding compilations, live albums, and the b sides box set):
    1. Disintegration 2. Head on the Door 3. Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me 4. Pornography 5. Seventeen Seconds 6.Three imaginary Boys 7. Faith 8. The Top 9. Wish 10.Bloodflowers 11. The Cure 12. 4:13 Dream12. Wild Mood Swings

  17. Wierdly, for the past two weeks i’ve been tackling the cure’s post-Wish stuff. Like this if you broadly agree, so others can spot it! And feel free to suggest changes… (there are a few OKish songs i got rid of, cos without a great album to anchor them they just aren’t worth keeping)

    From Wild Mood Swings: Want, This Is a Lie, Jupiter Crash, Treasure, Bare
    From Bloodflowers: The whole album, except The Loudest Song
    From The Cure: Labyrinth, Before Three, The End of the World, Anniversary, Alt. End, Going Nowhere (and B-Side This Morning)
    From 4:13 Dream: Underneath the Stars, The Only One, The Perfect Boy, This. Here and Now. With You, It’s Over (and B-Side Without You)
    From Join the Dots: Burn, Ocean, A Pink Dream, More Than This, Coming Up, Signal to Noise
    From Greatest Hits: Cut Here and A Forest (Acoustic Version)

    And these songs i think are meh but others really like them: Mint Car, It Used to Be Me, Adonais, The Loudest Song, Lost, The Promise…

    While i’m at it…
    Everything on Join the Dots is awesome EXCEPT:
    Disc 1; Tracks 3,7,9,11,14,15,17,18,22
    Disc 2; Tracks 2,5,14,15,16,18
    Disc 3; Track 8 and onwards , except the tracks i mentioned.
    Disc 4; Whole disc, except the tracks i mentioned.

    Shake Dog Shake, Birdmad Girl, The Caterpillar and Bananafishbones are worth keeping from The Top. Everything except So What and the Weedy Burton on Three Imaginary Boys is quality. The rest of the albums and stand-alone singles are brilliant, although i moved All I Want, Hot Hot Hot!!!, High and Friday I’m in Love to compilations i made – they stick out sorely on Kiss Me and Wish respectively, and both albums could do with shortening anyway.

    Wow i just did my own article…

  18. styld by stereogum..featuring chris chu from pop etc

    …jaan wenner’s dying words

  19. My opinion is since @boriswilliams gone in 1993 the band wasnt same, last album wish (boris) & disintegration ando all album participared boris have been unbelievable. face´s jason cooper all time is freaky hahhah never liked as drummer! Acoustic hits boris had help to jason song close to me, because he can´t playing alone like boris rules !

  20. This is a really great list; clearly very thought out and well written/selected. It really made me feel good about my favorite band, The Cure. I had a couple minor disagreements but nothing worth sharing. Overall, the choices were poignant and fair. I basically feel bad for the future generations of listeners who don’t really have bands like The Cure to rely on for on-going, borderline psychotic catalogues. I guess Ariel Pink will fill that role since no one else has the balls to go out on a limb and risk sounding crazy instead of always sounding “relevant” and “cool.” Either way, Robert Smith is The Cure, something that should be fairly apparent by now.

  21. This is a good list, but “Bloodflowers” has too many gorgeous melodies to not get a little more respect. Its easily their best late-period album. And the poorer quality of “Wild Mood Swings” notwithstanding, “Want” is one of their absolute best tracks. My list:

    1.) Disintegration
    2.) Wish
    3.) Pornography
    4.) Bloodflowers
    5.) Faith
    6.) The Head on the Door
    7.) Seventeen Seconds
    8.) Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me
    9.) 4:13 Dream
    10.) The Cure
    11.) Wild Mood Swings
    12.) Three Imaginary Boys
    13.) The Top

  22. How about a top 12 with Happily Ever After?

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    • You’re a fool.

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        • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Living by those words I ought to be Down Vote Man! in no time.

        • Wow, so fucking sensitive. Lame and a fool. Fantastic.

          • Are you for real right now? You’re personally attacking me for no reason, first of all (in fact, I can only assume you know me from someplace else and are taking this opportunity to do so anonymously). Second, EVERYTHING I’ve said has been from a place of humor.

            I love the Cure, Disintegration is my favorite. I wasn’t dismissing anything else they’ve done.

            People keep down voting me, but it’s no skin off my back, so I made a silly comment about it.

            It’s not that serious, so kindly pull your panties out of your ass crack, pick up a sense of humor at the local Good Will and learn to stop internalizing everything you see on teh internets.

            It’s. Not. That. Serious.

          • Of course it’s not that serious, I’m not acting the way you believe I’m acting. You just are reading things a certain way because no one gets anything when it’s typed out. Welcome the internet.

            Maybe you’re being down voted (which I have done none of) because no one got your “joke” and it basically looked like you were disregarding a great discography, asides from one album, from a great band.

            If the word FOOL offended you so badly then you should quit the net and never post on anything again because my reply was beyond “G rated”.

            You basically called me a fool back, not intelligent and said I have panties stuck in my crack. As it appears to me, you’re being the “cyber bully” here.

            Lets just make things easier here, whenever I see one of your posts I wont respond to you because I know I will get a big hyper sensitive mess that oozes a lot more near-essay responses than it should.

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          • Ok, I’ll fix this, sorry for calling you a fool. I perhaps misunderstood your initial post and took it too close to heart since The Cure is quite easily one of my favourite bands. I never knew the word fool would strike you so hard (or anyone for that matter). Since you are firm in your belief that I lack such reading comprehension, could you please explain what your first comment meant, because it is a bit confusing to me.

            Also this doesn’t make any sense to me:

            “b) try to make fun of me for writing too much speaks VOLUMES about your as a person”

            Can you identify these volumes. That sentence just looks patronizing. What is the back up for this comment? Just trying to clear some mysteries for future reference.

            Again, you are not a fool. If we had this conversation in person I bet none of this unnecessary banter would be happening. Did you know only 30% of words make up our interaction, the rest is tone, facial expressions and body language.

  24. this is my list, and I’ve liked their albums throughout their career and am anticipating the next one.

    1. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    2. Disintegration – although their best songwriting, I still listen to KM KM KM more and it’s their best starter album
    3. The Head on the Door
    4. Faith
    5. Wish
    6. The Top – waaaay under rated if you ask me, look at the track listing again, you probably LOVE more than half.
    7. Pornography – waaaay over rated if you ask me, though 100 yrs and Cold are on there…
    8. Bloodflowers
    9. Seventeen Seconds
    10. Three Imaginary Boys
    11. THE CURE
    12. 4:13 Dream
    13. Wild Mood Swings

    Personally, I’ve found the people that whine about how they aren’t good anymore changed and the band didn’t have the same mystery as it did for them when they were younger. They’re still a great band. Yes we all wish Boris were still in the band, but other than that God awful snare he uses and his lackluster stage presence (which has noticeably changed this summer!), Jason isn’t that bad.

    They should keep playing Just One Kiss live.

    My dream line-up would be: Robert, Simon, Boris, Roger & Perry.

  25. This is my particular list. I love the Cure but have never really been able to get into Faith for some reason. I also have never gotten into Wild Mood Swings or the latest album.

    01. Head on the Door
    02. Disintegration
    03. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    04. Pornography
    05. Wish
    06. Bloodflowers
    07. Seventeen Seconds
    08. The Cure
    09. Faith
    10. Three Imaginary Boys
    11. The Top
    12. 4:13 Dream
    13. Wild Mood Swings

  26. I don’t understand why people don’t dig 4:13 Dream. That’s a great album.

  27. Man, Wild Mood Swings gets such a bad rap. It’s one of my favorites. There’s nothing else in the Cure catalog that sounds like it, much like The Top or Three Imaginary Boys. It was their last attempt at trying something new before descending into the constant rehashing of their “signature sound” that is their last three albums (although admittedly, Bloodflowers is a pretty damn good rehash). WMS isn’t perfect, but it’s one of the ones I listen to most. And for the record, I LOVE “The 13th”! It’s such a bizarre, weird pop song.

    • Agreed. It might have been more of the time when I got into them. WMS was really my first venture into the Cure. It was a tough time in my life and was the perfect album for my anti-depressant fuelled teenage summer. As its title suggest, it seemed like a great collection of songs that veered in so many different directions but they all seemed to click. While I don’t know if it is my favorite, it is probably the one closest to me. It’s imperfection, unpredictability, and fragility is what makes it so great. It has this glossy surface but within there is something more dark brewing.

      I remember skipping class and going to buy the album. My parents had left town so I snuck back, popped it on and remember hearing Want for the first time. Cathartic. After that I started to collect all of the other albums and never looked back.

  28. Certainly not their best, but definitely mid-range, i’d say.

  29. 13.) Wild Mood Swings (“The 13th”, worst song ever)
    12.) 4:13 Dream
    11.) Bloodflowers
    10.) The Cure
    9.) The Top
    8.) Three Imaginary Boys
    7.) Seventeen Seconds
    6.) The Head on the Door
    5.) Faith
    4.) Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me
    3.) Wish
    2.) Disintegration
    1.) Pornography (“It doesn’t matter if we all die.”)

  30. I have to step in here and stand up for Wild Mood Swings. I think it’s one of the most unjustly disrespected albums ever, mostly because Cure fans don’t like that it doesn’t sound like what they want the Cure to sound like, and non-Cure fans don’t care enough to even listen to it to begin with. It’s not Revolver or anything, but it has a lot of great stuff on it, front to back. I’ll defend it until the day I die. And “The 13th” is awesome. So is “Mint Car.” The fact that people who love “Boys Don’t Cry” can turn around and bash it is astonishing to me.

  31. I’m really surprised that absolutely no one seems to like 4:13 Dream. For my money it’s easily the best post-Disintegration album. I could listen to Porl Thompson play guitar all day long. And so many defenders for Mood Swings and Wish! I guess that’s the beauty of The Cure’s music, everyone takes something different away from each album. Anyway, my list would be:

    1. Disintegration
    2. Kiss Me
    3. The Head on the Door
    4. Pornography
    5. 4:13 Dream
    6. Seventeen Seconds
    7. Bloodflowers
    8. The Top
    9. Faith
    10. Wish
    11. Three Imaginary Boys
    12. Wild Mood Swings
    13. The Cure

    And for dream lineup: Smith, Gallup, Thompson, O’Donnell, Cooper ( I get the nostalgia for Boris Williams, but Coop’s the definitive drummer just by longevity in my opinion.)

  32. head in the door

  33. Here is mine:

    01. Pornography
    02. Disintegration
    03. Faith
    04. Seventeen Seconds
    05. Wish
    06. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    07. Head on the Door
    08. The Top
    09. Three Imaginary Boys
    10. Bloodflowers
    11. The Cure
    12. 4:13 Dream
    13. Wild Mood Swings

    Yes, Wild Mood swings, the worst,

    • Counting Japanese Whispers as an album, .in number 8, after Head of the door, still WMS the worst, to hear round and round, return, trap, or “the cumbia 13th”… horrible songs

  34. Jason Eagle My 2 cents worth, I am really surprised how many people hate the self title album, there is no way its the worst Cure album and there is no way known that its worse then Wild Mood Swings! WMS, is without a doubt the worst album, it reminds of a time when the band lost itself, two of the greatest/creative members ever left (Boris/Porl) and there was the whole Lol court case, along with RS having his Kurt Cobain, I cant become too popular.

    WMS has a couple of great songs, Want, Trap, Mint Car (I really like that video for some reason), but in general its crap, its reaks of a band who has lost its creativity and dosent know what it is or represents. This reason is why I like the self titled album, although unlike any other album, RS has gone, right, we need to reinvent ourselves to fit into modern times, I understand the production issues, but correct me if I am wrong but it was pretty much recorded as a live album? The album has some great songs (Before Three, The End of the World, Taking Off, hell I even like angry Bob on Us or Them), its definitely not the worst, I think it and 4:13 (although hate a few songs) are way better than WMS.
    The line up obviously hamperred them, no doubt the early and 85 – 92 line ups were the best, Bori = massive loss, love his intros/loud sound. I think another thing that hampers The Cure is RS obsession with B sides being awesome, whilst I like the theory, reality is that Expoling Boy, 2late and all the Wish B sides should have been on albums. 2late is probably in my top 5, if not 2 Cure songs and it should have been on the greatest album ever (by any band) Disintegration, although rhymically upbeat, lyrically it fit with the theme of Disintegration, it would have slot nicely between Lullaby and Fascination Street.

    So my order, Disintegration the best album without a doubt, a masterpiece, I love the line up era, KMKMKM and THOTD, 17 seconds, Faith, Pornography are equally up there, hell, I even like the Top. Wish could have been nearly as good as Disintegration, but I think RS B side obsession and the change to a more upbeat mode stuffed it, the B sides should all be on the album and the orginal demons of some songs were heaps better than the final result. In saying all that, I am just glad my favourite band is still around and playing awesome live shows, if I had the $ I would be over there seeing them! Hell I even hope the new line up produces a new album!

  35. So, here’s the thing about Wild Mood Swings: It’s got just as many incredible songs as it does questionable one. And while maybe that evens things out, justifying its low place on the list, I’d still put it above both The Cure and 4:13 — albums of which there is very little diversity and range.

    In fact, maybe that’s what I like so much about WMS: it’s got some daring! Kiss Me has it. The Top has it. And while Bloodflowers made it clear that they can still do “authentic” mood, I get the feeling that on the last two records they’ve been trying to cash in that paradigm… trying to make the famous mood last, spreading it too thin.

    I value eclecticism. And that’s why I love the way that Mint Car cracks open into Jupiter Crash. And sure I too love to hate Gone! and Round & Round & Round, but I also love the playfulness of the 13th and Strange Attraction. I remember the first time I heard the 13th as a single before the record was released. The horns!

    All that said, Want and Bare are the two most devastating, most heart-wrenching songs that the Cure has recorded in the post-Wish era. Open and End do something similar, but those songs both seem to be about Robert’s distaste and boredom with the slog of being a professional musician, whereas Want and Bare comment on something much more universal: the pain of being human.

    Finally, WMS is Roger’s record. He’s in the foreground everywhere on it, and I admire Robert’s willingness to let him loose on some of those songs. I remember seeing Roger play Gone! live. Dude was having the time of his life.

  36. 01. Disintegration
    02. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
    03. Pornography
    04. The Head on the Door
    05. Faith
    06. Three Imaginary Boys
    07. Seventeen Seconds
    08. The Cure
    09. Bloodflowers
    10. Wish
    11. The Top
    12. Wild Mood Swings
    13. 4:13 Dream

  37. The Top is amazing and those thinking otherwise are wrong.

    • Yes! I’m sick of all this fawning over Disintegration and Kiss Me (seriously, who likes Hot! Hot! Hot! or wants to hear Just Like Heaven EVER again!). How anyone could rate Wish or Wild Mood Swings above The Top is something I will never get.

      • I actually really like Hot Hot Hot! (great drug song) and Just Like Heaven is a stone cold classic in my book, but I stand by my opinion that The Top is severely underrated. I’ve gotten obsessed with it more than once, most notably during an acid trip. The live stuff from that era is among my favorite. Andy Anderson brought a certain presence to the band never seen again (not saying he was better or worse than any other drummer, but different). Unfairly maligned when compared to the rest of their 80s output. I tell people it’s like The Head on the Door’s demented cousin.

  38. 01. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (this was my intro to the band, and thus my fav for all time)
    02. Disintegration
    03. Wish
    04. The Head on the Door
    05. Bloodflowers
    06. Faith
    07. Pornography
    08. Seventeen Seconds
    09. Wild Mood Swings
    10. Three Imaginary Boys
    11. The Top
    12. 4:13 Dream
    13. The Cure

    I know they’re not formal albums, but I got a LOT of milage out of the cassette version of Standing on a Beach for the amazing b-sides, and years later utterly consumed every bit of Join the Dots. I love many of their b-sides more than several complete albums.

  39. My favorite is Disintegration, but the only one I own is Wish. In other words I’m the worst Cure fan ever.

  40. 01. Faith
    02. Pornography
    03. Disintegration
    04. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    05. Wish
    06. The Top
    07. Bloodflowers
    08. Seventeen Seconds
    09. The Head On The Door
    10. 4.13 Dream
    11. The Cure
    12. Wild Moon Swings
    13. Three Imaginary Boys

  41. Just my personal list. Disintegration still on top, but I have a lot more love for Faith and Seventeen Seconds and a lot less for Kiss Me and Pornography.

    01. Disintegration
    02. Faith
    03. Seventeen Seconds
    04. Head on the Door
    05. Wish
    06. Pornography
    07. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    08. Three Imaginary Boys
    09. Bloodflowers
    10. The Top
    11. Wild Mood Swings
    12. 4:13 Dream
    13. The Cure

  42. I actually think 4:13 Dream is better than their self-titled album. Hmmm…but I’ll rate my favorite Cure albums on how often I played them.

    1. Disintegration
    2. Pornography
    3. Faith
    4. Seventeen Seconds
    5. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
    6. Three Imaginary Boys
    7. Wish
    8. The Head on the Door
    9. The Top
    10. Bloodflowers
    11. Wild Mood Swings
    12. 4:13 Dream
    13. The Cure

  43. This is the only way it can be:

    1. disintegration
    2. wish
    3. kiss me kiss me kiss me
    4. pornography
    5. head on the door
    6. seventeen seconds
    7. faith
    8. the top
    9. wild mood swings (a lot better than people give it credit for)
    10. bloodflowers
    11. three imaginary boys
    12. the cure
    13. 4:13 dream

  44. Very respectable list – to me Kiss Me and Disintegration go back and forth as their best. Anything after Bloodflowers is very disappointing. Here’s my list:

    1 – Disintegration
    2 – Kiss Me
    3 – Wish
    4 – Seventeen Seconds
    5 – Faith
    6 – The Head on the Door
    7 – Pornography
    8 – The Top
    9 – Three Imaginary Boys
    10 – Wild Mood Swings
    11 – Bloodflowers
    12 – The Cure
    13 – 4:13 Dream

  45. Here’s my list (I know that you are going to disagree with me)

    1 Disintegration
    2 Wish
    3 Bloodflowers
    4 Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
    5 Head on the Door
    6 Pornography
    7 Three Imaginary Boys
    8 Wild Mood Swings
    9 Faith
    10 Seventeen Seconds
    11 The Cure
    12 4:13 Dream
    13 The Top ( I hate this disk… I HATE IT)

    I have to mention Join The Dots… I totally LOVE IT. There are some songs that I skip, but I love the singles.

  46. Jonathan Espeche  |   Posted on Aug 24th, 2012 +1

    My theory is that people don’t like Wild Mood Swings because the cover is yellow and maybe because of some of the ‘tropical’ sounds on the album. I think it’s held up pretty well 16 years later. And the self titled 2004 record has grown on me a lot over the years. Really they haven’t made an out-and-out terrible album once in their career.

  47. Thanks for getting me to listen to Wild Mood Swings again for the first time in forever (your secret plan, I’m sure!). I think it holds up remarkably well and I’d rank it top 5 for the Cure actually. My listing would be:

    1) Kiss Me x3
    2) Disintegration
    3) Wish
    4) Head on the Door
    5) Wild Mood Swings

  48. Solid list, I would probably swap the placements of Bloodflowers, but I agree with pretty much everything else.

  49. Long time Cure fan from Los Angeles. Seen them several times in concert. My definitive list:

    The Four All-Time Classics:

    1.) Disintegration — Not a false or off note on the entire album.
    2.) Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me — Came out my senior year in high school.
    3.) Head on the Door — Love the guitar hook in Push. A Night Like This is sublime.
    4.) Wish

    The Best of Early Cure:

    5.) Faith
    6.) Seventeen Seconds
    7.) Pornography

    The Last 2 Cure Records I can really recommend:

    8.) Wild Mood Swings — Unfairly maligned. Uneven yes, but a lot of great songs here too.
    9.) Three Imaginary Boys — The title track and 10:15 Saturday Night are brilliant and signal what is to come.

    The Rest:

    10.) Bloodflowers — Feels like a cousin to the “Big 4″ above, but the beauty often feels blunted and bruised.
    11.) 4:13 Dream — A step up, following the dreadful eponymous album, but still failed to really hook me.
    12.) The Top
    13.) The Cure — Every couple years I pull this out wondering if I missed something. Nope.

    Join the Dots is also indispensable part of The Cure canon.

  50. i dont understand why so many people bag the three albums; “selftitled”, 4:13 dream and wild mood-swings, are any of these their best? not really but thats only because albums like Disintagration were so amazing that now everything they come out with is going to be compared to them in my opinion alot of these lists are very repetitive i dont know what that says for me as a cure fan but here is my list
    1. disintegration
    2. 4:13 dream
    3. bloodflowers
    4. wish
    5. wild moodswings
    6. head on the door
    7.kiss me x3
    8. THE CURE
    9. 17 seconds
    10. faith
    11. pornography
    12. the top
    13. imaginary boys

    your all going to disagree but i couldn’t give a fuck in my opinion all the albums are amazing i just prefere some more than others but all the albums are indeed amazing:)

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