DJs For Obama

Here’s an ad from DJs For Obama, a group supporting Obama’s reelection bid. I don’t remember seeing so many DJs on that endorsement wishlist that leaked way back when, but clearly, in this regard, Obama’s just another U.S. citizen at the mercy of the EDM crush. So I can’t blame him. Throwin’ this one over to Twitter for some ensuing jokery, I would presume. Watch the ad, narrated by NYC’s DJ Cassidy, below.

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  1. The next few minutes will tell if Stereogum is prone to flaming political wars…

  2. It’s been three minutes and chaos has yet to erupt…*knocks wood*

  3. Man, I hope Stereogum’s got Boromir ready.

  4. “Steve Aoki supports Obama! This will totally make me vote for him now!”
    -No one

  5. These DJs like to spread the beats around, Deadmau5 prefers to let the drop trickle down. Am I doing this right?

  6. Are we going to get barber shoppe quartet singers for Mitt Romney? Folkies for Stein? This could be very interesting.

  7. If Steve Aoki was Carly Rae Jepsen and your average voter was a 13 year-old girl, this might work. Until then, I’ll safely assume The Residents are backing are future president, Vermin Supreme.

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