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  • Grimes On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon 8/14/12
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Every time an internet-indie sensation makes her American network TV debut, an angel gets its wings, which means Jimmy Fallon is helping a whole lot of seraphim get off the ground these days. Last night, Grimes came through the Fallon show to sing “Genesis,” and we got the closest thing to the undiluted Grimes experience that I can imagine on a TV show. She rocked a gigantic flowery bathrobe, played one keyboard and one electronic doohickey (sometimes balancing her mic on her shoulder so she could manage them both) and stood on a bed of rose petals while two dancers flanked her and jets of steam occasionally shot up. So yeah, it was pretty great. Watch it and download the song below.

Grimes’ album Visions is out now on 4AD.

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  1. Claire looks good with TV make-up on.

  2. Setting my crush on Ms. Boucher aside, I must say that she’s got serious talent.

  3. I’m always impressed with her voice when she performs live. Because it’s impressive.

  4. I’m going to get her a microphone stand for Christmas.

  5. No pussy ring?

  6. I was worried this might be an overly arty disaster, but she really killed it, just the right amount of pretentiousness so that it didn’t seem watered down from her normal shows, but not over the top either.

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  8. that doohickey looks like a sp404

  9. I’d hit it.

  10. This is one of the best LNJF performances of the year. She should be bigger in the non-internet world than she is.

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        • I won’t go that far, but I certainly think her voice is weak. I actually like a lot of her music and production. She could probably have a lifelong career just making electronic music and producing for other people. But her voice isn’t doing it for me. I’ve been trying to get into it for a couple years now, too. Don’t like it.

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          • Speak with your words and not your downvotes, people. I’m asking in all seriousness what it is about Grimes that enchants peoples’ attention, and so far I see a bit of red next to the thumbs, but no one backing up their positions in support of her while possibly providing me with a perspective I might not have thought of. This is why I get frustrated: People react to comments they don’t agree with but don’t bother giving due attention as to why they’re reacting the way they do.

          • Michael_: She makes songs, lots of music fans, including me, like said songs. Therein lies the appeal.

          • I speak as someone who came to like Grimes without seeing anything related to her image. It has mostly to do with her ability to write really catchy vocal melodies. They stand out. I was sold after the first time I heard “Vanessa.” The production palette she uses is limited in scope, which makes her LP come across as repetitive, but it’s also the kind of sound that establishes its personality as soon as you hear it. The “weird” elements of her music (some of the more chipmunk-sounding vocals, the Chinese-restaurant music modes, the experiments with structure) are another big aspect of her appeal. What I like least about her is her mostly boring percussion programming.

        • I agree; I’m continually underwhelmed by everything she does.

        • “I’m asking in all seriousness what it is about Grimes that enchants peoples’ attention”

          I dunno, her music?

          Although, I guess I’m doing it wrong. Clearly I should be reading interviews, mining for unsatisfying comments and colsely examining her image for cracks in her visual aesthetic.

        • girl you know you gotta watch your health

        • If you don’t like her then you don’t like her. I don’t see why you need to categorize her to figure it out. I really really don’t like Japandroids yet everyone else does. I’m not killing myself over it though. It’s just not something I’m into and I move on.

  11. Her albums tend to be a pretty even mix of great tunes, okay tunes and awful tunes for me. I choose to concentrate on the former but I wish she’d hurry up and make the front-to-back quality album I believe she’s got in her.

  12. How much input does Fallon have over this musical guests? If it’s pretty substantial, I gotta give props to the guy for booking by far the most interesting musicians I’ve ever seen on a late night talk show.

  13. Does she know that a couple members of TLC are doing the Macarena behind her?

  14. Well that was a disaster.

  15. I like her albums but always have trouble connecting with her voice. It’s the standard line, but it is usually too babyish for me. But that performance was beautiful, it’s like having to project on TV and without vocal overdubs pinging all over the place instilled her voice with new clarity and force. Loved that.

  16. Daenerys Targaryen hair ^^

  17. hmmmm i feel so conflicted about this. On one hand, I like the song. On the other hand, it really seems as if a good 80 percent of what’s going on is pre recorded, I believe the dancers are there to distract from the fact that she’s essentially singing over the album track. She’s also singing over herself, which is part of the reason why her voice sounds so good b/c it’s harmonizing with itself and doubling through the entire time…..I think it’d be much more interesting to see her try and interpret these songs in a band set up or actually try and perform them more ‘live’ so that we saw, rather HEARD something that didn’t sound exactly like the CD, that said not hating, it’s just really not much of a performance….

  18. “She makes songs, people like them” doesn’t even remotely answer the question. That much is completely obvious. Even I like her songs, I just don’t like her voice.

    The question was WHY do you like her songs?

    I like them because they’re occasionally dark, almost always different from what everybody else is doing, well produced and mixed, and the music, in general, is better than what a lot of “famous” male electronic musicians are doing right now. I don’t like her voice because it’s thin and insubstantial, particularly live.

    See, it’s not that hard.

  19. Stop being sensitive peeps. She sucked live. I like her album, it’s not like I’m in some conspiracy against Grimes but that was a terrible performance.

  20. oh crap i missed it…

  21. the best thing about this…two words…PUSSY RING!!!!!!!

  22. Grimes is an amazing artist. I can understand why most of you don’t like her: because she has something all these pop pukes and rap retardists don’t have…TALENT and CREATIVITY.

  23. I think she’s great, but I’ve never understood why she doesn’t just buy a mic stand.

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