Swans - The Seer

Later this month, reconstituted violent-postpunk boundary-smashers Swans will release The Seer, their absolute monster of a double album. We’ve already heard a 10-minute edit of their 23-minute album opener “The Apostate,” which isn’t even the longest song on the album. And now, NPR has a stream of the elemental 10-minute clanger “Mother Of The World.” Even when it finally quiets down, it’s absolutely unrelenting, and you can listen to it here.

The Seer is out 8/28 on Young God.

Comments (3)
  1. The Apostate isn’t the opening track; Lunacy is.

  2. deserves a premature evaluation so we can all talk over how fucking incredible this album is.

  3. True story: I went to Pitchfork to listen to this track, and unbeknownst to me, something was messed up with their embed because all I heard was a flash of static on loop over and over and over. I’m sitting there for five minutes straight, listening to it and reading their review of it and thinking, “Well, this is certainly interesting. I’m kind of proud that they gave something this abstract Best New Track…” Then I came here and heard the real version, and I’m okay with it, too.

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