Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, aka team ThunderAnt, again return to the feminist bookstore, this time for an in-store performance by St. Vincent. There isn’t as much Annie Clark face time as recent St. Vincent clips: In fact, Armisen and Brownstein, who really hit their stride in Women And Women First, manage to steal (and micro-manage) the one-song show. “Excuse me sir, this is an in-store, not a riot.”

Actor is out via 4AD.

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  1. artimusmaximus  |   Posted on Feb 4th, 2010 0

    Would you?

  2. james simpson  |   Posted on Feb 4th, 2010 0

    St. Vincent is fucking adorable

  3. overrated  |   Posted on Feb 4th, 2010 0

    st vincent is meh

    • Joanie  |   Posted on Feb 11th, 2010 0

      Agreed. I liked it at first, but have come to the conclusion that it’s all head and no heart. Zero passion there and, I am beginning to suspect, just as much authenticity. The new record makes my teeth hurt.

  4. That was awesome…

  5. Armisen is one extremely ugly woman.

  6. I was thinking the same thing until I realized how many women I have met that bear a striking resemblance.

  7. That made me LOL

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