Yeasayer on Fallon 2012

Like Neon Indian before them, Yeasayer arrived at Jimmy Fallon’s 30 Rockefeller studio with a relatively elaborate stage rig designed in conjunction with the Creators Project. It involves a number of fragmented mirrors, with lights and projections that sync to Chris Keating’s MPC unit, and yet that isn’t even the best addition to Yeasayer’s live thing; that would be drummer Cale Parks, formerly of Aloha/BRAHMS/himself, who replaces the erstwhile, formidable percussion section of Ahmed Gallab and JayTram (both now of Sinkane) with his own brand of polyrhythmic electro-pop swagger. The band’s new lineup’s been on the road for a few weeks now, though this was the unveiling of the new light/stage/mirror situation. National TV is not a bad place to do such things. The song is “Longevity,” a woozy, tech-drizzled experimental R&B track from their Fragrant World LP that came out yesterday. It’s an album release celebration on national TV, which is a pretty good place for an album release celebration. Watch:

Fragrant World is out via Secretly Canadian. It’s streaming in full, too.

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  1. really cringe when ppl seizure on the MPC and press 4 buttons. It’s like they’re using flare or something. Play it cool, broski, it’s only 4 buttons.

    • nah, I’m wrong. This is the way it should be done. and when people are ACTUALLY dominating it (a la ARAAB) then I guess their heads should explode or just death. You know? I love yeasayer and I love this album. It’s not that he’s not hitting enough buttons, it’s that with each button hit it’s like his arm just got electrocuted – if that button resulted in some MEGA BASS drop or something – fine, do the arm fly – but it dont.

      it dont. and if that’s wrong, then i dont want to be right

  2. At first, I assumed I wasn’t a very big fan of this mid-tempo reggae/disco number… then I realized my toe was tapping vigorously throughout. Cheers.

  3. wow, that was annoying to watch.

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