Soundgarden - King Animal

Last week, we got confirmation that Soundgarden were preparing a new studio album — their first in 16 years — due for release on 11/13. Today, we’ve got an album title and a taste of new music. The band’s sixth full-length, their first since 1996′s Down On The Upside, will be called King Animal. They’re teasing a song called “Worse Dreams,” which will (I guess?) be the first single. Based on the 36 seconds of music we can actually hear, I’d say it’s likely the poppiest Soundgarden song since “My Wave.” Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from this album, but hearing this, I’m really intrigued. Check it out.

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  1. With all the noise in the track it seems like a Louder Than Love outtake.

  2. Sounds like it may be more indie/college rock influenced than their previous works. The intro sounded very shoe gaze-y

  3. Two other tracks from the album has been announced as well:

    I’m getting really, really excited!

  4. Will timbaland be producing? WE WILL NEVER FORGET.

  5. it actually could be DECE based on this clip but, shit, I don’t know … did bloc make a killer after kele did his electronic? Nein. we got four, and I’m headin for the door on this soundgarden shit unless cornell spits some of that indie-gungy shit post-timbaland titspeaaaaaaaaaaaace

  6. calm down Donny, if you feel sad after hearing the record, I’ll be there, you knoooow my naaaaaaaaammeeee !!!

  7. HAHA. It sounds like you think that was Cornell’s 9-11.

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