The Joy Formidable - "Wolf's Law" Video

Here’s the clip for Welsh trio the Joy Formidable’s new single “Wolf’s Law,” a black-and-white visual that gets pretty Tree Of Life-y and complements to the epic feel of the song, which is a big, sweeping thing itself. Watch it and nab the MP3 for an e-mail below.

You can nab “Wolf’s Law” for an e-mail here.

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  1. My favorite new band of the last couple years. In fact, the more I listen to all the stuff they’ve already done, the more I love it!

    This doesn’t sound exactly how I expected their new stuff to sound, to be honest. In fact, I think I might even be a little bit disappointed with the piano ballad and synth strings aspect of it (there’s way too much Coldplay in there for me). What little guitar there is is very low in the mix, or unrecognizable. I’ll have to wait to hear the entire album before I decide. And this seems like it might be a single version, too (that fade is weak sauce). But all-in-all, kind of an odd choice to come back with after all the momentum they’ve built in the last few years.

    • I like the song. I highly doubt this is the single for their new album. I think this song is just a way to show what they’ve been up to in the studio, and how they’ve been dabbling in a few different things like piano and string arrangements. Definitely looking forward to their future.

  2. Forgot. The video is nice. I haven’t sorted out the words to the song yet but I can see how a video like that could go with a song called “Wolf’s Law”. All naturey and stuff. Somebody should have mentioned there’s a childbirth in there, though.

  3. Hey, it’s just me! My own little comment party. Too bad I can’t down vote myself.

  4. I hope there’s more of those crashing, raucous, descending outros which were so common on The Big Roar included on the new record.

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