Elliott Smith - Ballad Of Big Nothing Alternate Version

As we mentioned in our list of Elliott Smith’s 10 best songs, Kill Rock Stars has deemed August to be Elliott Smith month, in honor of his 8/6 birthday, and they’ve been kindly flooding the market with alternate versions of some old tracks, mostly from Elliott’s third and final KRS LP, Either/Or. “Ballad Of Big Nothing” was one of Either/Or’s most ambitious songs, featuring Elliott backed by a full band, not to mention a swooning pop chorus. I can’t hear many diversions from the final cut in this take except on the bridge leading out of the first chorus, which features a different set of lyrics and a slightly altered melody. Listen for yourself and tell me what I missed.

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  1. The lyrics differ throughout, sometimes drastically. The cymbals are EQ’d much brighter than on the album version, too — a bit distracting.

  2. I agree with Randy ^^^^^^^^^
    The snare drum also seems turned up slightly. Right after “filled with smoldering anger” there is a different snare fill. The harmonized vocals (oooo’s) at the end are also mixed differently I think.
    Still sounds good, but I think I prefer the album version.

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