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I haven’t been charting it or anything, but I’ve been writing these lists for the better part of a year now, and despite a few slow weeks, they seem to get better all the time. So here’s something to chew on: We could be living through a new golden era of the music video, even if most of the great videos coming out these days are way low-budget and have basically no chance of airing on even the remotest cable channels. Below, we’ve got two sponsored videos, from Urban Outfitters and Funny Or Die, which is a new thing in the internet era and one that seems to be a good thing. We’ve also got three that take advantage of the low costs of something like this — digital film, HD cameras, editing software — to burrow some truly personal visions into our collective brain.

5. Dinosaur Jr. – “Watch The Corners” (Dir. The Director Brothers)

A goofy and one-note concept, sure, but a goofy and one-note concept that’s executed nicely, by actors who take the silliness seriously. It’s also a rare piece of work from Tim Heidecker that doesn’t make my want to rip my eyeballs out; he does a nice and occasionally understated job as the dad here.

4. A$AP Ferg – “Work” (Dir. A$AP Ferg, Shomi Patwary & Thuan Tran)

It’s nice to see that A$AP Rocky’s heightened, fashion-damaged rap-video aesthetic extends to the rest of his crew, as well. So here’s resident knucklehead Ferg strutting around an abandoned courtyard in bothrobe and doorag, with a toothbrush hanging out of his mouth, before moving his operation to a literal mountain of cocaine. Also, gold fronts: god’s gift to rap videos for at least the past 20 years.

3. Peaking Lights – “Dreambeat” (Dir. Jordan Redaelli & Jason Miller)

A saga of outer-borough redemption and discovery on the big-city dance-floor — which is to say, this is pretty much an updated version of the Saturday Night Fever story. But we’re dealing with a female protagonist and vogue balls, so that story’s gender roles aren’t just flipped; they’re twisted around and kicked through the air and then just thrown out in the trash anyway. Also, this whole thing just looks gorgeous.

2. Major Lazer – “Get Free” (Feat. Amber Coffman) (Dir. SoMe)

In the past, the French director SoMe has been responsible for excellent and hyper-stylized music videos like Kanye West’s “Good Life” and Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.” But for this one, he goes all slice-of-life, capturing a ton of isolated slow-motion images of Jamaica that, whether he’s filming sweaty clubs or wooded seasides, come out looking absolutely beautiful. It’s enough to make you wonder why you’ve ever bothered to spend time anywhere else.

1. Grimes – “Genesis” (Dir. Grimes)

The last superhero movie of the summer.

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  1. Good list but ‘Get Free’ really should’ve topped topped this, a much more coherent companion to it’s song than Grimes entertaining mess.

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  3. That Major Lazer video is brilliant. It’s a Master Class in relevance compared to the Grimes one, which is like a freshman art school project with a bigger budget.

  4. aesop rock cycles to ghenna? it looked like they really put a lot of work into that video, and it’s a great song to boot!

    • Not. Aesop. Rock.


    • That’s a great video! Had it at #5 before the Major Lazer video dropped. Seriously, there are too many great videos right now.

      • Then you should have included six this week, because any time A$AP, Asap, Asop, Aesop ANYBODY is posted there should be a reminder that AESOP ROCK was first and is best.


        I didn’t actually know there was a new Aesop Rock video this week. I just figured it out based on your last comment.

        How many people are going to use some variation of that word in their names? What happened to being original?

  5. I thought the Killer Mike “Untitled” video was pretty good too. No gold fronts though.

  6. Y no love for Killer Mike and Bob Mould?
    Aesop Rock and JJ Doom also much better than A$AP Ferg video.
    Dinosaur Jr. should have been the top spot and Grimes the fifth.

  7. Ice Choir wasn’t top 5? Hmm….

  8. Grimes does this shit and she’s a genius. Lady Gaga does it and its obnoxious. I don’t get it.

    • Truer words have not been spoken. Visually, Grimes is one meat dress away from being Lady Gaga.

      • visually maybe Grimes and Gaga are similar but the difference is that Grimes’ music has a bit more soul, it’s interesting, layered and not so obvious where gaga’s is generally a lot more blatant and less subtle. even visually though grimes is a bit more interesting cos it’s not so obvious again what the message is, (if there is one). Gaga’s ‘art’ is usually just about a cult of personality and obsessing over fame and materialism, with the odd crucifix thrown in for good measure to create some pseudo controversy. Don’t get me wrong i am not hating on her, some of her music is really fun and she is a compelling pop figure, but i think Grimes’ is more in line with the sort of scandinavian electro pop vibe than gaga, just cos they both dress eccentrically.

    • But she’s kewt doe. ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ. That’s gotta count for something :3

    • Actually, they’re both obnoxious.

  9. I’m pretty sure Grimes’ stupid, ugly and pretentious mess of a video being number one is just some hipster irony. It is, right ?

    • I’m afraid I simply can’t agree with you. Be that as it may, I hope you’ll give method® Winter Oak™ hand soap a try. I enjoy its fresh scent, and it contributes to a clean hand-feel. I wash my hands and I watch this Grimes video, and I think to myself, “This is the life.” And it is. It is. So try method® Winter Oak™ today.

  10. Here is a video that has a flavor and sound all its own!!

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