Grizzly Bear - Shields

Grizzly Bear’s much-anticipated new album Shields arrives in a couple of weeks, and they’ve already allowed us to hear the early tracks “Sleeping Ute” and “Yet Again.” This morning, they appeared in the BBC radio station 6Music and recorded a live session, playing “Yet Again” and also introducing a florid and intricate new song called “Half Gate.” To hear them debut “Half Gate,” click here and jump directly to the 2:43:50 mark.

Shields is out 9/18 on Warp.

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  1. Gorgeous song, Shields is an amazing album and their new collaborative song-writing process is going to serve as a stepping stone for them to make something even more amazing with their next LP. These guys are challenging themselves to be better always.

  2. My God, that was fantastic. 3/3.

  3. this is most DEFINITELY album of the year. wow.

    • I’d hold back on that assessment if I were you.

    • no, she’s right. Definitely AOTY. I’ve heard the leak. Nothing else even coming close

      • I know there is a leak somewhere but I cannot not hear it now, no, Godammit, no….! I am putting myself through the pain and anguish of waiting until the 19th so I can fully immerse myself into the album on its deserved morning of arrival. Old school. I’m even doing everything short of burning my finger tips so I don’t click ‘replay’ on each of the 3 songs that have been released just so I can feel its total listening weight when it comes out, and not feel any uneven or premature joy. Don’t gimme a First Listen, NPR…don’t gimme that First Listen when I visit your site next week. Please. I beg. I am a weak man now after hearing Half Gate. OK, just one more listen…then thats it. I swear.

        • I have that exact same issue! I want to have the full record experience with this one, but the live videos of new songs and the early ones put out by The ‘Bear are just so tempting!

  4. Sounds a bit like Sung Tongs era Animal Collective if the band was more lyrically direct and audible and more like Grizzly Bear.

  5. Heard the leak, while not AOTY for me ( that still belongs to The Seer for now), it has a solid collection of songs, though strangely, i prefer the album version of half gate rather than this one.

    • i agree, this is pretty but the album version is way better. That said. I can respect The Seer, but do I enjoy listening to it, not really. I’m glad others do tho! This is after a good 2 dozen listens revealing more and more. Loving each song.

  6. I hope everybody stops chatting about the boring new XX soon as this album comes out, cause for fuck sake, it could very well be my album of the year. (Though I still got a battle between sharon van etten and Liars too)

  7. can has leaks?

  8. As usual, sounds great, love the instruments, but the song bores me to tears.

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