No Doubt - Push And Shove

We’ve gotten a couple tastes of what’s to come on No Doubt’s forthcoming sixth LP, their first in 11 years — specifically by way of singles “Settle Down” and the title track, “Push And Shove.” But now, we can sample the whole album. Sort of. Push And Shove is currently available for preview via iTunes, where you can check out 90-second segments of each of the album’s 15 songs. Yeah, the songs basically fade out at the exact moment you forget you’re listening to a snippet, but hey, this is a business, people. And if you can’t figure out whether you want to pre-order a three-minute song after hearing roughly half of that song, well, maybe No Doubt is not the band for you. Check out the album preview here and decide for yourself.

Push And Shove is out 9/25 via Interscope.

Comments (6)
  1. No thank you.

  2. Yes please!

  3. I am indifferent.

  4. Pretty good first three comments buttttttttttttttttttt…
    I side with wesz

  5. I’m guessing calling it a No Doubt record will move more units than if you called it a Gwen Stefani record (which is what it is). The power of no$talgia.

  6. Me likey Gwen. I won’t listen to the album, but boy it’ll sure be nice seein those abs ska around for the next few months fo sho.

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