Best Coast on Conan

Last night, Best Coast came through Conan to play “Do You Love Me Like You Used To,” one of the more tender songs from her new album The Only Place. One notable thing about Bethany Cosentino: Every time she shows up on a late-night show, her voice somehow sounds better than it does on record. Check it out below.

The Only Place is out now on Mexican Summer.

Comments (5)
  1. uhhhh….if thats better than whats on record, jebus plz help us. sounded pretty pretty flat. stick to them major chords bb.

  2. Zzzzzzzz. What a snorefest. They had a couple of nice songs on that first album, but man alive, I’m thinking that was an aberration.

  3. WHAT?!?! Her voice sounded like ASS!! She was nearly a half-step flat!!

  4. better = bunkier

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