Kanye West - "Clique" (Feat. Jay-Z & Big Sean)

Yesterday, a snippet of Kanye’s new one, “Clique,” emerged, a preview that presented a track buoyed by a compelling, maximal Hit-Boy beat. Now the whole thing has showed up. When the track turns to Kanye, he doesn’t waste time, dropping a humdinger of a line that people surely will be talking about; “My girl a super star / All from a home movie.” Hey! And yeah, Jay-Z gets loose, too. Hear it below.

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  1. If only Kanye would produce one of The XX’s songs, and ban the word swerve from all of his music, banging song though.

  2. Has Jay-Z just been asleep since 2007?

  3. funk flex literally played this 3 times in a row tonite. probably more but i shut my damn car off.

  4. The second half of Jay-Z’s verse sounds kinda like a 2 Chainz flow

  5. beat slays – only jay did it justice

    Ye’s flows seem lazy lately – nawmean? and by lazy i mean neapolitan gems (kim line), throwaways, and words to fill space (a cool cool beverage) – unless i missed some references BUT IT WOULD BE THE FIRST TIME. spend more time on the words, less time filled honey boo’s closet with your own shit.

    Big sean….. man don’t even get me started on that mothafuckin chorus ad-libbing no talent having can’t even finish writing his half-assed shit. says nothing, except that his crew is tighter than the wu – so good he can’t even write a complete verse and i just rhymed that better. his one job is to not suck at rapping – that’s all he does. no other commitments, no other purpose in life. guy doesnt produce any shit, no other focus, and this is honestly the best shit he can write?!?!?!? why is he allowed to continue this. mercy verse was actually pretty dece – 1 FOR 50 AIN’T ENOUGH



    • Idk, I think his verse on As Long As You Love Me is pretty dope.

    • big sean sounds like your little brother going through puberty. bro is fucking, what? 25? balls have dropped – ZERO BALLS in his voice. creaky ass shit shit shit shit rapper, worst flow of the decade. you don’t realize it until you hear it up against something else – jay comes on and you realize you just heard pussy sean gittering on a beat because he’s got nothing.

      his beat needs to be murdered, and it was barely assaulted. DO BETTER. other than hit-boy, shit is on point consistently.

    • Sometimes I get Big Sean and Sean Kingston mixed up. And then, sometimes I get Sean Kingston mixed up with the dude from Everybody Loves Raven or whatever. I’m sure they’re about as talented as each other.

    • Big Sean’s Mercy Ass line is pretty damn memorable. Probably because you only have to remember the word Ass and a few variations, still catchy!

      Also I personally chuckle at the Block behind me like I’m pullen’ out the driveway line. Love a little humour in my rapz.

      But overall, yeah Big Sean is Meh-burger with no cheese.

      Even still, I CANNOT STOP LISTENING TO THIS SONG! After many repeat listens, my favorite classic Ye line is when he’s talken about drunk TC and says “he’s only had a frew brews” and slurs ‘few’ — subtle rhymen’ win.

      I’m pretty sure Cruel Summer is going to be a year-end favorite for me. Unless the rest of GOOD music crew just shits a brick or 6.

  6. I like this a lot. But sometimes i wonder how much better a kanye-jay-z song could have been had they tried writing about something else than their riches, like on Murder to excellence for example..

    • so true nikos. and at the very least, weave the verses a bit so it doesn’t sound like the track was emailed to each person to spit their shit. compare the style on license to ill to watch the throne and you wish these guys would utilize that a bit more. and i LOVE watch the throne. I actually get excited when there is a one word adlib from someone else on a verse (“HAAAAAAANH”) but that’s all we get.

      • I think that is why I loved “Why I Love You” the most on WTT. Near the end of verse2 when they’re throwing lines back and forth a la Beasties. More of that please, yes please.

  7. Do I hear sample from These New Puritans?

  8. Baaaaddd bitch. Bad. It’s bad as a pan in oven turtles.

  9. Hmmm, feel like I’ve heard the same thing over and over again.

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