Watch Dirty Projectors 'Hi Custodian'

Earlier this summer, Dirty Projectors announced the existence of their Hi Custodian short film project, a 20-minute, Dave Longstreth-directed clip that’s basically the Dirty Projectors’ “Runaway.” The entire group stars, and the aesthetic is definitely a blown-out extension of the “Gun Has No Trigger” video, which Longstreth also directed. Head below to watch it.

Swing Lo Magellan is out now on Domino.

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  1. Excellent!! Love hearing the album deconstructed a bit…

  2. I recognize that white room from the Virtual Insanity video

    • Also, put Haley Dekle on my short list for Indie crush of the year

    • If this thing had that conveyer belt and they were all wearing the Jamiroquai guy’s hat this would be way better. Also if instead of tracks from Swing Lo Magellan it was just “Virtual Insanity.” Let’s just agree that everything would be better if it was the “Virtual Insanity” video.

  3. Wow. That was……… random.

  4. David Longstreth would have been ten times more attractive if it weren’t for that diaper.

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