How To Dress Well – “Lover’s Start (Desert Voyage)” & “Ready For The World” (Feat. cokc dokc)

jessica | February 15, 2010 - 3:56 pm

If your tastes took an R&B turn in the early ’90s, then How To Dress Well sound hazy in a sweet, memory-triggering sort of way. The Brooklyn/German band (here with cokc dokc) muddle and reinterpret the privates-aching love cries of Shai, Silk, and H-Town: all the best melisma you could get from the BMG Music Club. “Lover’s Start (Desert Voyage)” and “Ready For The World” both seem to sample the same track — Ready For The World’s “Love You Down” — and both keep the sample at a fuzzy distance. “Lover’s Start” feels more like they were working out ideas for the latter, where the words from the original are shaved down into wordless syllables that come in and out of focus. “My Body,” from their latest EP, stretches out the vocal melisma into soft pulses of static-dusted falsetto. Free tracks below, pretty much as good as 12 CDs for one penny.

How To Dress Well – “Lover’s Start (Desert Voyage)” (Feat. cokc dokc) (MP3)
How To Dress Well – “Ready For The World” (Feat. cokc dokc) (MP3)
How To Dress Well – “My Body” (MP3)
(via Friendship Bracelet and Chocolate Bobka)

Six of their EPs (with more to come) are available via How To Dress Well’s site.