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In a couple of weeks, Ben Folds Five will release The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind, their first new album together in 13 years. Earlier this week, we posted their song “Erase Me,” and today we’ve got two more from the LP, “Michael Praytor, Five Years Later” and “Sky High.” Listen to them below.

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The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind is out 9/18 on Sony Legacy.

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  1. They sounds pretty late period Ben Folds. The magic went in ’97.

  2. Sky High is really nice.

  3. Unlike pretty much everyone else, I think Reinhold Messner is by far their best album, and the first of these two tracks certainly reminds me of the bombast that was that album. I’m unexpectedly excited for this.

  4. It’s pretty much agreed in my universe that Whatever’s the best, easily.

  5. Fine, but when will there be a new season of THE SING OFF? NICK LACHEY, SARA BAREILLES, AND SHAWN STOCKMAN NEED WORK. You can’t pay the goddamn rent off of just “not gonna write you a love song” royalty checks. Don’t be so fucking selfish, Folds.

  6. I will never forgive this band for implying they have five members with their name and actually only having three. Okay, it is not the worst band name ever, but it is certainly the most stupid. I remember Ben Folds saying that he was annoyed by people asking about the name, but it’s TOTALLY his fault. What was he expecting?

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  8. Woah, I just read that Ben Folds is 45 and on his fourth marriage. I really want to know how anyone can attend someone’s fourth marriage ceremony and not laugh during the vows.

    • I think about that, too… 4 marriages? Why get married a 4th time (or 3rd time)? Think about the alimony.

      Being from the same town, I love all of the Winston-Salem references in his music. FWIW, I went to the birthday party of a friend’s kid and Folds’ brother was performing. He has a children’s music band. The kids went nuts; Loved it. He looks like a less-famous Ben Folds.

      • Several years ago, Billy Joel released a career-spanning box set called My Lives. I think when Ben Folds releases his own box set, it should be called My Wives.

  9. Ben’s “Song’s For Silverman” album is a masterpiece. This new stuff isn’t bad, though.

  10. Whoa, very cool songs. Which is a relief after the super weak Way To Normal and the passable Songs For Silverman.

    Reinhold Messner IS Ben Folds’ best. That shit got me through some tough times.

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