Band Of Horses - Mirage Rock

We’ve already heard about 25 percent of Band Of Horses’ new one, Mirage Rock — the rocking “Knock Knock,” the gentle “Slow Cruel Hands Of Time,” a snippet of the gentle-then-rocking “Dumpster World” — and now we can finally listen to the whole damn thing straight through. So far, I like it more than 2010′s Infinite Arms, not as much as 2006′s Everything All The Time or 2007′s Cease To Begin. But that’s just an early general sense, not a final judgment. Listen, and let me know what you think.

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  1. I don’t think this is very good. After they cleared up the guitars and his vocals on the last album, I was really looking forward to BoH heading back to their original sound (I wouldn’t say ‘old’ sound, because I think it was THEIR sound). Unfortunately, this just sounds like a really straightforward, nothing special here Americana album.

  2. Nothing epic here. It’s short and snappy, and I kind of like it.

  3. Then again, I’m a fan of dippy lyrics delivered sincerely.

  4. It’s certainly no “Cease to Begin” but I can’t say that I don’t enjoy it.

  5. I absolutely love BOH; but there’s something about this album that, to me, just feels…lacking. EATT, CTB, and Infinite Arms were all tremendously stellar albums, each different from one another, and a seemingly logical progression from one album to the next. I feel like the mix on Mirage Rock is all over the place and unbalanced. Though I love a good, simplistic, minimal, “less is more” style and approach, I was just expecting something bigger and more grandeur from this effort. Though, this could be initial hesitation. Perhaps a few more listens and the album will grow on me. Anyone else having these thoughts?

  6. I think this album may be geared more toward the live experience. I loved Infinite Arms more but they blew me away when I saw them in concert this summer.

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