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  • David Byrne & St. Vincent Play Jimmy Fallon 9/10/12
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David Byrne & St. Vincent

David Byrne and St. Vincent’s collaborative Love This Giant is out today, and to celebrate they stepped out on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to perform a couple of cuts. Head below to see the duo do “Who” and “The Forest Awakes.”


“The Forest Awakes”

Love This Giant is out today on 4AD/Todo Mundo.

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  1. Whenever I see videos of Annie performing, I’m always surprised she doesn’t fall over working all her pedals in those heels.

  2. They are both so amazing!

  3. Thought the performances were pretty disappointing, harmonies a bit off tune, Byrne completely scared (or is he just playing the guy who’s scared? dunno). Though I like the album …

  4. Look Byrne, if you’re going to wear one of those terrible headset microphones, you at least have to do some Garth Brooks/Michael Jackson shit up there. Look over at Clark, she knows what the deal is. Now go buy a mic stand and get on with your life.

  5. yikes. harmonies on “Who” were rough. i don’t know what’s going on with annie’s live vocal performance recently, but she either can’t hear herself, or is nervous and can’t relax her vocal cords, so she’s sharp/flat a lot. you can watch videos from a few years ago and she sounds very confident and on-pitch.

    anyway, this is a great song. its good to see all those horns up there on stage. and david byrne looks like he’s having fun, in his way.

    • The fuck is everyone on about? Bad harmonies? I heard nary a false note. Listen, I’m not really much of a fan of St. Vincent, so if she stunk I would have been like, “See, more proof for my arbitrary opinion.” But I clicked the link after reading the comments, expecting, well, some bum notes and poor harmonies and it’s really not bad in any way.

  6. After a few listens, I’m not so sure the problem is pitch in the harmonies on “Who” like a few of you are saying. I think it’s the mixing. The harmonies themselves are a bit unconventional for pop music, and the album recording has Annie’s vocals much lower in the mix than they have her in this performance. Having them higher in the mix makes them more off-putting, rather than subtly off-putting. She does kind of hiccup in her entrance at the beginning though,

    “The Forest Awakes” is a different story. The 2:45 mark (which I believe is a key change) was pretty rough. She makes a few gestures that indicate she can’t hear herself very well, which leads me to conclude again that the problems are the sound engineers.

    But let’s remind ourselves that we’re probably only this nitpicky because these two are infinitely talented.

    • Yeah, I believe the bar is pretty highly set for either of these artists when performing solo, let along as a duo. That said (and yes, not the greatest harmonies) live performances on network TV late shows always sound like they’re marginally better than a boombox recording of me singing in the shower*

      *note: I sound pretty awesome when singing in the shower so that might not be that bad after all.

  7. Did you guys see the pitchfork gave this album a 5.9? I’ll be the millionth person to say it: fuck that site.

  8. So what the hell was Elvis Costello doing there unannounced?

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