Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan already wears plenty of hats — influential musician, published poet, wrestling mogul, obsessive Cubs fan — but there’s always room for another cap on that gleaming dome. So why not add small-business owner to the list? To that end, tomorrow, Corgan will open the doors of his new Madam Zuzu’s teashop in Highland Park, a suburb north of Chicago.

“I’m a tea guy,” said Corgan in a statement. “I’ve always wanted to open a salon like this for everyone to enjoy.”

Madame Zuzu’s (an It’s A Wonderful Life reference? Some gnostic tribute to the letter ’Z’?) is reportedly inspired by the Chinoise teahouses found in Paris during the 1930s, and will feature (alongside a rotating menu of teas): live music, photo galleries and art displays, and a 1930s Bösendorfer upright piano imported from Finland.

To kick things off, Billy himself will be playing acoustic sets at the teashop tomorrow starting at 11 a.m. Should be a good time. Go here for info.

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  1. Teagarden by Kaleidyscope

  2. Highland Park is a suburb over 15 miles north of Chicago’s northernmost city limits. Please correct.

  3. Highland Park is definitely not a neighborhood of Chicago, it’s a far flung suburb that isn’t even in the same county.

  4. Radiohead, Soundgarden, Pavement… I suspect tomorrow’s acoustic set is will reveal that this start up is just an excuse for Billy to add coffee to his hate rant list

    • i guess to be fair, he never said he hated Radiohead. that quote was taken drastically out of context by pretty much every site, and it’s clarified in that same interview, though no one posted that part. not sensational enough i guess.

  5. He now owns the ingredients to a ’90s Slim Jim commercial

  6. Moby did it first.

    That comment holds no real meaning. Just a factual observation.

    • of course Moby did it first, he’s a tiny lil vegan with nothing else to do anymore…Billy’s just now getting to that stage. (though their teeth are suddenly looking very similiar)

  7. I live in Highland Park. I’m not sure whether Highland Park got cooler or Billy Corgan got lamer.

  8. According to BV Chicago, Billy Corgan has lived in Highland Park since 2003

    My girlfriend lives in the next suburb north of HP, so I’ve been unknowingly hanging out a few miles away from Mr. Corgan this whole time.

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