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Busy week! We unveiled our list of the 40 Best New Bands Of 2012. We prematurely evaluated albums from Bob Dylan, the Killers, and G.O.O.D. Music. We ranked Grizzly Bear’s best songs, Dylan’s more obscure LPs, and Pavement’s discography. And, of course, we took sides on the Albini Vs. Palmer beef. Let’s see what you had to say about it all…



Kevin Broydrick | Sep 10th Score:22

first listen:

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Simon Chapman | Sep 10th Score:23

You literally never listened to an album because of hype? Seriously?b

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Heath D. Williams | Sep 13th Score:24

You did it, Stereogum! You included the band’s actual best song on your “Best Songs” list!

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Peter Helman | Sep 10th Score:25

If you’re intentionally not listening to an album solely because of hype, isn’t that letting others’ opinions influence your own just as much (if not more)?

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#6 crania americana | Sep 13th Score:26

wtf no skinny love? JUST KIDDING, I know that’s actually by fleet foxes. lol right.

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#5 donnytilla | Sep 10th Score:26

GREAT album. It feels much more consistent than past output. I’m guilty of often skipping some of the tracks on veckitamest for the top shelf jams (i.e., two weeks, ready able, cheerleader, while you wait) – some of the other tracks on that bitty can lag a bit if I’m casually listening, although I do enjoy them. I don’t know if this is due to the experimentation on veck’s (<— short form) other tracks, which clearly deviate from the shit you know your mom would like.

HOWEVER, I feel like everything is much more cohesive on this album. Whereas something like “Dory” slams the breaks and puts you through the windshield, I put shields on and know that I’m in for a consistent pantaloon jazzing, without skipping anything to keep the momentum going. And the back third is just such a goddamn treat. what a solid finish (sun in your eyes O. M. G.). I didn’t expect this tone of album from da boys but I’ll be damned if it ain’t just a gem of a lil heart.

Favourite moments stem from little things – the wizzing slam at 2:45 of Sleeping Ute, the killer rasp in Ed’s voice on Speak in Rounds (stevie nicksesque??!?! uh, yes pls), the interplay between eddy and danny’s vocals throughout. Also, Sun in Your Eyes is the most beautiful thing I’ve heard this year. It feels special and no one else could have done it.

Everything is just more consistent (Droste, 2012) and it makes the overall piece so much better. Thx to da bears for this one. I will be supporting my local record shop ;) ;) ;) ;)

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#4 JaggerT | Sep 10th Score:28
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#3 Michael Nelson | Sep 12th Score:29

I should probably disclose that I’m actually a big fan of Apple products to the point of being a low-level Apple snob. But I’m deeply frustrated by the way in which they have marginalized music on their music-playing devices. (It reminds me very much, in fact, of the way MTV marginalized music as a part of their programming as they saw increased revenues in more structured programs.) Realistically the profit margin in MP3 players is dwindling rapidly, but as a music lover with a vast library, I want a product that suits my needs (which Apple seems to have lost interest in producing). Can’t blame ‘em for focusing on the bottom line, I just hope a suitable alternative eventually finds its way to market.

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#2 rubberjohnny0829 | Sep 10th Score:29

you probably loved them until pitchfork gave them mediocre reviews. just like if they give this one a bad review, you’ll hate it too. think for yourself people!

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Jeff Miller | Sep 13th Score:34


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John Novak | Sep 11th Score:-9

Wow! It seems that Bob ripped off the melody of “”Soon After Midnight”" from Bobby Fuller and Mary Stone’s, “New Shade of Blue”. Check it out and compare.

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Nick Burica | Sep 13th Score:-10

I refuse to live in a world where Knife isn’t #2 and Two Weeks isn’t #1.

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Yoni Izhaky Rapaport | Sep 13th Score:-12

fuck this band.

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Steven Snead | Sep 13th Score:-16

Swing Lo was amazing
Centipede Hz was amazing

This leads me to believe you’re crazy. Battle Born is the worst type of shit I actively avoid because it’s actually uninspired drivel.

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#1 cale | Sep 10th Score:-17

You guys are all nuts. This album is terrible. More boring than even Veckatimest. But at least that record had songs like Cheerleader and About Face. I don’t like a single song on this record. To be fair I only really liked Horn Of Plenty. Yellow House and Veckatimest, were to boring and included to many bad Daniel Rossen songs. But on this one it seems Droste is just as terrible as Rossen usually is. Gimme Swans or Merchandise over this. This might even be worse than that Bon Iver Record from last year which I also hated as well. Hopefully Pitchfork will pan this record so we can be done with them. Sites like Tiny Mix Tapes will definitely hate this album, but I guess thats to be expected.

Actually Half Gate is good though. So one good song on the entire record.

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Josh Reichental | Sep 12th Score:2

Thank you for this list Stereogum. It’s both overwhelming and comforting that there is so much good music out there.

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  1. I’m not particularly witty or incisive – BUT I do love to see my name at the top of lists.

    SO – I’m asking professional-ish Stereogummers to upvote all my comments.

    In return you will receive my gratitude for 1 week – or if you live locally; meth and blow jobs

  2. I fucked up big time.

  3. yay Amrit loves me

  4. Literally just finished listening to Shields for my first time. My gold vinyl pre-order came in today so… kind of like an old school leak!

    First off: NOT Album of the Year.

    Secondly: Wow! There are some good songs on here. I’m going to be that guy that brings up the however many seconds interlude “Adelma” because IT IS BEAUTIFUL and I’m pretty sure Grizzly Bear have never done an interlude on their previous albums. Pretty sure. Love “Adelma”

    “A Simple Answer” was the mid-album track that really jumped out at me. Daniel driving the vocals and Ed jumping in near the end. Really love it when those two tackle a track together, ESPECIALLY on “Sun In Your Eyes” (one of the best closing tracks if not for “Colorado” and “Foreground” — those boys know how to end albums!). Should be noted that “Sun In Your Eyes” is the ONLY track on the D side of the vinyl. Got to love it when songs get their own side of a record.

    D-Titties was very correct on the cohesiveness of this album. No songs that derail this train. Seemed like a lengthy album but my listening session went by quickly.

    It was lots of fun listening and reading the lyrics as it ticked along. Sitting down with an album and perusing the album artwork and liner notes HAS to be the best way to digest an album. Total immersion.

    Big up to Daniel Rossen and Chris Taylor. Based on the liner notes, those two were the strongest forces on this album. Always love it when a band member produces their own album.

    Overall, one of the better records of this year. I can’t say just yet if there is anything on here better than “Two Weeks”, “Knife”, “While You Wait for the Others” or any other Grizzly Bear classic… but IT IS a terrific album top to bottom and may actually be a better ALBUM listen than Yellow House. That’s saying a lot coming from me – I love Yellow House.

    tl;dr Shields is great. Buy it on Tuesday.

  5. what happened to album and mixtape of the week?

  6. Making this list, in any area. is a joy. I’m proud of myself. I’m going to go erupt on a Killer’s fanboy board to celebrate.

  7. Nelson tripping up the Grizzly Bear sweep. So close….

  8. If I was an asshole who put hashtags on things not twitter this comment would read something like this

    rubjohn #robbed

  9. Yo Stereogum, what’s with all the lists these days?


    A reader

  10. Commenting on comments? Pure jack-assery (excluding my comment, lol). Would love to kick the “Shut Up, Dude” in the nuts.

  11. Stereogum has entered a dark place where nearly every article is a numbered list of which albums of a band were the best or something like that. I feel like I have something snarky or witty to say about that, but I really don’t. This website no longer focuses on informing its audience; everything has become a way meant to make money.

    • Er, “a way to make money”, that is.

    • Michael_  |   Posted on Sep 16th, 2012 +4

      It’s never a bad idea to pay attention to the business-side of all these websites we love to read so you know why you’re reading what you’re reading, and you’re probably right with your last line — It’s become very apparent on here that the focus is on money / click-thru / traffic-driven content rather than quality-driven original thoughtpiece content. In the past year, BUZZMEDIA, Inc. (the company who owns Stereogum) has built themselves an empire by pretty much monopolizing the market. They’ve recently bought out SPIN (and last I heard, they were going to take the print publication out back and shoot it,) and also hold Gorilla vs. Bear, Brooklyn Vegan, RCRD LBL and Absolute Punk as assets. I imagine they can’t have all these websites doing the same exact thing content-wise and thus, competing against themselves and neutralizing their purpose, so Stereogum looks like it has had to evolve into a website that invites a lot of discussion between its readers, so hence list after list or op-ed pieces on new albums at best.

      There was also a very interesting article that came out this week about how Prefix Mag has pulled an Amanda Palmer and taken to Craigslist to lure professional writers into their website to write posts for free because they can’t afford to pay them ( I don’t know how Stereogum (or BUZZMEDIA, more specifically) operates, but every time I click on an article, I don’t even recognize the by-line. Not accusing them of doing the same, but I imagine that paying freelancers saves them a lot of money and provides them with more traffic-driven content than just having four or five staff writers pull the train all by themselves.

      • While business is an evil urchin, I do think that it’s evident on both the gum and G vs. B when the author doesn’t give a fuck about a particular song/artist. Both sites seem to either present something as it is “here it is, fuck it” or go into detail and praise “omg this is a FACKIN beaut here boys, make sure you DL dis” and I notice and appreciate the latter.

        Obvs it would be better if each posting was true to the authors heart but that ain’t always possible in a world with dolla dolla bills and younglings mouths to feed.

  12. Feed those younglings.

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