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  • Lana Del Rey H&M Lookbook 2012
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Lana Del Rey

As promised, Lana Del Rey recently covered Bernie Wayne and Lee Morris’s famous “Blue Velvet” for H&M’s new ad campaign which stars LDR. Today, a piece of that campaign surfaced via a commercial, and, as you could probably imagine, the result is kind of creepy. Watch the ad below, and check out her H&M lookbook in the gallery above.

Lana will also be the face of Jaguar for an ad campaign this month.

UPDATE: Here’s the full song…

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  1. Pretty cool. Reminds me of “Twin Peaks” for some reason. Everyone on here is gonna hate it.

    • BECAUSE IT’S in Blue Velvet WHICH WAS also by DAVID LYNCH?

      THIS WASN’T very good. THAT’S WHY people will HATE it.

      • The commercial will be released on Wednesday, why not wait for the whole thing before judging it? The cover of her song Blue Velvet was leaked today, and it is absolutely gorgeous. But no matter what she does, haters will always hate, because they have nothing better to do.

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          • 1. No one has ever set about quantifying the amount of makeup in the average strip joint.
            2. Daddy Warbucks would never do that. It would be completely out of character.

          • “Apparently you don’t know what the word gorgeous means…. I think you mean “sucks”. #DictionariesAreForLamestreamers”

            “She is a product. She’s got collagen in her lips and more makeup than a strip joint. She has no talent. She can’t play any instruments, has no stage presence, and had producers write her music for her. #ThingsILearnedFromCarles”

            “The only reason you are talking about her is because Daddy Warbucks shelled out a shit load of money to whore out his daughter. #HipsterRunoffsTheShitMan.”

            “Here’s a suggestion: Go get her some music lessons and encourage her to be a musician. #EffMeCarles”

          • You US critics need to have a look at just how well Lana’s album is doing worldwide and realise she’s a big star with a massive fanbase (hence the GQ, H&M, Jaguar & Mulberry ‘things’). She’s also shown you don’t need to be a huge seller in the US to have the 3rd best selling album of the year so far worldwide. Also, have you watched her perform live lately? It’s gotten so much better. Get your facts fucking straight too, because she writes her songs, not her producers. She’s also incredibly nice to her fans. It’s getting obvious that people are just hating because of the hate-Lana-bandwagon.

          • Wow, didn’t follow this comment board after my post. What an amazing response Scott, your intelligence and erudition just shines through (but I guess the community college degree only goes so far). Lana at least has a record that has sold over 2.7 million copies, has nearly 250 million YouTube views, has over 100 unreleased (but openly available tracks), record deals with Interscope and Polydor, both of whom have credited a portion of their stellar fiscal performance this year to her record sales, endorsement deals by Mulberry, H&M and Jaguar that are paying her millions not just for looks, but according to the people spending the money, for her music. She has by now (since February) given nearly 30 live performances that have received positive reviews (including the latest by Rolling Stone of her H&M gig in New York). The amazingly idiotic canard being perpetuated against her is her father bought her career, do you even stop to think what a completely ridiculous assertion that is? How can you buy a music career? If Paris Hilton’s father could not do it with his billions, how do you think Lana’s father pulled it off with his paltry millions? Do you think her father bought all the tickets to her sold-out shows, he bought the millions of albums to give her a hit, paid H&M and Jaguar millions to use his daughter as their spokesperson? And yet she had to struggle for 8 years playing in dinky New York clubs before anyone even heard of her. Your unvarnished hate must be driven by some deep psychological problems. Hate can blind people (think of history) but you should really make an effort to get past it, life will feel better, I promise!

          • @ Sam Gho. Wow you really are a mindless tool who will believe anything that is written.

            YES you can buy a music career. People do it all the time. Look at 95% of modern pop music. (or anything on MTV) This isn’t new!
            30 performances??!? Wow that’s really amazing! Oh she lip-syncs to some of them too!

            No wonder the state of the world is falling apart. It’s people like you who allow this type of drivel to exist.

          • @ Sam Gho: One more thing:


            Daddy paid for all her advertising you idiot! Do your research! They focused on her looks. If she was 50 lbs heavier, nobody would give a fuck!

            Also, at least my college degree enables me to use sentence structure. I think you string 4-5 sentences together at one point..

      • “BECAUSE IT’S in Blue Velvet WHICH WAS also by DAVID LYNCH?”

        Probably because it felt dreamlike, and had a dwarf in it. And for the reason you mentioned.

      • Point proven.

  2. No thanks I’m cool.

  3. H&M? Fuck that shit. PABST BLUE RIBBON!!!

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  5. so… OK. Are they laughing at the midge? Or laughing at Lana bc the midget unplugs her? Or was she lip-synching to a tape and the midget unplugged it to expose her as a fraud? Or SHE killed Laura Palmer????

  6. Why not “Black Velvet”? She could actually pull that one off…

  7. midget’s don’t even like her

  8. Daddy’s coming home.

  9. The commercial is based on the scene in Ben’s apartment in Blue Velvet.

    In the movie, Ben sings along to Roy Orbison’s “In Dreams” to Frank’s delight. In the commercial, the man wiping away his tears is meant to be Frank. Eventually, he gets very upset and stops the tape, except a midget does it in this commercial. Likely because they are also referencing Twin Peaks’ Red Room except they used gold curtains. So the midget is referencing the strange man that speaks backwards.

    Does David Lynch know this exists? He deserves a check at least.

    Lana covering the song is fine by me. But the whole commercial ripping off Lynch imagery is a little much.

    • I have a feeling Mr Lynch is just fine with it. What gives me this feeling?

      “Lana Del Rey, she’s got some fantastic charisma and – this is a very interesting thing – it’s like she’s born out of another time,” said Lynch. “She’s got something that’s very appealing to people. And I didn’t know she was influenced by me!”

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  11. the “Blue Velvet” film had a lot of blatant mocking of forced product placement. And this is a cover of the title song…. made for an advertising campaign.

    ….can’t tell if Lana Del Ray is a Master Troll Lvl. 1000 or just literally the worst.

    Probably the worst, right?

  12. The woman yawning at 0:06 about sums this up

  13. I like to imagine the man who is cut off at the end is reading a statement apologising for a lacklustre ad campaign.

  14. Come on Stereogum. Can’t you find somebody cool and/or at least interesting to pay you? I think this Lana del Rey meme has officially jumped the shark at this point.

  15. I’m surprised that no one has put any captions on her photos above. There is one of her holding her ear, it’s kinda strange.

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