Ben Folds Five - "Do It Anyway" Video

Tomorrow, the reunited Ben Folds Five release The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind, their first album together in 13 years. Months ago, we posted the demo version of their new single “Do It Anyway.” And today, the clip gets a special kind of all-star video, one that features the entire cast of the beloved ’80s Jim Henson series Fraggle Rock. In the clip, we see what happens when the Fraggle Rock Muppets invade a Ben Folds Five recording session. Phil Hodges directs, and actress Anna Kendrick and comedy types Rob Corddry and Chris Hardwick also star. Watch it below, and keep watching for the quick reprise of the Fraggle Rock theme at the end.

The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind is out 9/18 on Sony Legacy.

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  1. Song’s not bad and I love the Fraggle Rock business but what is Anna Kendrick doing in this video? Does she have a standing order with her agent to get her into anything that has to do with Fraggle Rock or something?

    • Ben convinced Anna that she was needed in the video so that they could hang out and he could get an idea of whether she was wife #5 material, you know, in case something goes wrong with his current marriage.

  2. I’ll be OK with this album once I’m ok with the fact it could never be another …Reinhold Messner.

  3. Love the video but its a little lazy on the melody, no?

  4. i thought “draw a crowd” from the album would have been a better single and a better fraggle rock video. that song is killer. this is pretty good.

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