Soundgarden - King Animal

As promised and teased, Seattle grunge greats Soundgarden are about to release their first studio album in 16 years. Earlier this year, they contributed the new song “Live To Rise” to the Avengers soundtrack, and we’ve also heard a sliver of a new track called “Worse Dreams.” And now the new LP King Animal is due in November. The band co-produced it with longtime alt-rock professional Adam Kasper. Check out the tracklist below.

01 “Been Away Too Long”
02 “Non-State Actor”
03 “By Crooked Steps”
04 “A Thousand Days Before”
05 “Blood On The Valley Floor”
06 “Bones Of Birds”
07 “Taree”
08 “Attrition”
09 “Black Saturday”
10 “Halfway There”
11 “Worse Dreams”
12 “Eyelid’s Mouth”
13 “Rowing”

King Animal is out 11/13 on Seven Four/Republic. The “Been Away Too Long” single arrives 9/27.

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  1. YES. has the mood of Boot camp, i track i dearly loved off DOTU. i wonder what Cornell is chanting at the end of the trailer…

  2. I wonder what they did with the rest of the bones.

  3. isnt that the winter version of the old audioslave cover?

    • Two thumbs down…. google the audioslave cover and tell me you dont see similarities. One being a shitty flame thing and this one being a shitty winter thing. I love soundgarden, I’m making a joke about this terrible cover.

      • That “Terrible” cover was designed by Storm Thorgerson (Pink Floyd,Led Zeppelin) and I see no similarities. I do see see a Superunknown resemblance only because there are trees on both.

  4. The king animal is the lion, so why didn’t they just name this “Lion”?

    • While I’m at it, “Bird Bones” would obviously be a better song title than “Bones of Birds.” That one reminds of me of when someone in Hollywood decided that Hotel for Dogs would be a better name than Dog Hotel.

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