Corin Tucker Band - "Neskowin" Video

In the Corin Tucker Band’s new video for their single “Neskowin,” we follow the story of two teenage girls in the late ’70s, as they fake their way out of a family vacation, hitchhike to the big city, start some fights, and go to an X-Ray Spex show. Tucker herself plays multiple roles, including X-Ray Spex leader Poly Styrene, and the whole thing is really fun and sweet. Alicia J. Rose directs; watch it below.

(via NPR)

The new Corin Tucker Band album Kill My Blues is out now on Kill Rock Stars.

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  1. Seeing this video makes me wish some rich person would get it in his/her head to launch a channel that plays music videos all the time. There are still videos being made that are on the level of any of the best that aired in the ’90s, and they deserve to be seen on a mass scale.

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