Lil B - "California Boy" video

Swag-rap enigma Lil B has made what might be his least explicable move yet: Leaping into rock music with a dippy soft-rock shimmer called “California Boy,” which may make you yearn for the halcyon days of Lil Wayne’s Rebirth. In the song’s video, he hangs out with Guitar Center types and gets his picture taken with mobs of fans. Watch it below, and prepare for befuddlement.

The “California Boy” single is out at iTunes now, and B promises/threatens a rock album sometime soon.

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  1. wow…that was bad…

  2. Alternate Headline:

    “Lil B learns NOTHING from Lil Wayne”

  3. Come on now, this is a catchy track with no real issues. There’s no reason to hate unless you’re completely adverse to pop.

  4. I’m just wondering, how the fuck did Lil B make history with this? Wayne pulled the exact same stunt like 3 years ago.

    And with all his indie cred I’m sure there are tons of bands who would’ve backed him up on the track. So why did he choose 3 Hot Topic employees from his local mall to provide instrumentation?

  5. Everyone knows this was what he was heading towards. Rock music was a natural progression for Based God. It was inevitable.

  6. hahahahhahahahahaha
    This is great.

  7. Judging by the lyrics and subject matter I’m sensing a Bethany Cosentino collab is inevitable.
    Based Coast.

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  9. funny how Ice T’s Body Count is still the closest thing to a successful rock album by a rapper.

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  11. Wow music will never be the same. So revolutionary.

  12. great track


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