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Next month, Bat For Lashes releases her new album The Haunted Man, her follow-up to 2009′s superlative Two Suns. We’ve already heard two early tracks, “Laura” and “Marilyn.” And now we’ve got another one: A hiccuping, stop-starting glide called “All Your Gold,” which, I’m absolutely humiliated to report, reminds me way too much of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know.” Listen below.

The Haunted Man is out 10/23 on Capitol.

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  1. I prefer this, and it’s probably unintentional, but it’s just way too similar to Somebody That I Used to Know. Did nobody she played this to tell her about that song? Seems like the kind of thing you’d keep in the vaults given the circumstances…

  2. the main riff is just faintly similar to goyte’s …but the rest doesnt…..probably similar chord progression

  3. humiliated because it’s a shameless ripoff? or because the gotye song is somehow bad?

    because i pretty much disagree with both

  4. sorry but i didn’t realize gotye had become the standard in which to make such a clear comparison….as if he was the first person to develop such an approach. on the contrary,when i first hear the song in its live form,my initial reaction was that it seemed to be inspired by a lot from those early efforts from AIR and royksopp in a more contemporary sense. one could even venture to assume the ghosts of NEU and suicide are clearly present here as well. certainly one would expect a reviewer to have a bit more depth than this….not to be so quick,and shall i say,lazily reference current artists,and frankly an artist who himself has conjured up sounds of caribou,imo.

  5. such a good song who cares the rest

  6. Gotye’s bassline is in fact a carbon copy of the bassline that appears in Bpwie’s Aladdin Sane (see about 50 secs). Also, did anyone notice that Gotye was channeling Bah Bah Black Sheep at the start of their track? Now, how can we say that an artist as unique and inspiring and fresh as Bat For Lashes is channeling a song that rips off bowie and Nursery Rhymes. Come on, don’t tarnish her work straight out of the starting line.

  7. Natasha Khan 4eva!

  8. Hey people, I’m as much of a Bat for Lashes fan as the next guy in line at a Bat for Lashes concert, but this is a straight up Gotye rip.

    The chorus contains the line “There was someone that I knew before”.


  9. I have loved BFL in parts.. there are some great moments. I thought that Laura, musically was just so like Working Class Hero by John Lennon that they have now merged into one in my head. That may be Justin Parker, the writer’s fault and not Natasha Khan, though. Now I am haunted by a certain Gotye song with All Your Gold.. oh no !

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