Fiona Apple Arrested For Drug Possession

According to TMZ, Fiona Apple was arrested yesterday at a border stop in Sierra Blanca, TX for possession of hashish. Authorities allegedly found the substance on her tour bus and she is currently being held at Hudspeth County Jail in Texas. Whoa. We’ll update as more comes in.

UPDATE: TMZ now has the mug shot and more details from the arrest:

Cops say …. Apple’s 2004 tour bus entered the U.S. Border Patrol Checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, TX around 8 PM on Sept. 19 and officers performed a “routine” check of the vehicle.

During the sweep, officers used drug-sniffing dogs … which detected the presence of narcotics in a blue backpack.

Cops say the backpack contained a glass container with .01 pounds of weed and .01 pounds of hash.

For all of you squares law-abiders unfamiliar with drug weight — the weed is equivalent to the size of a baseball … and the hash is equivalent to the size of a golf ball.

Cops say Apple “freely admitted” the drugs were hers and she was placed under arrest.

According to police, Apple spent the night in jail — and was released earlier today on $10,000 bond.

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  1. What she needs is a good defense. Probably feeling like a criminal right now.

  2. Ah damn I just saw her play two nights ago in Mesa, she put on a really fantastic show. I hope she keeps smoking weed, maybe it helps her have an appetite. Free Fiona!

  3. So much for going to her show tonight in Austin…

  4. -Criminal
    -Free Fiona

    There is your source material. Have fun with it.


    • Dr. Feelgood already beat us all to it.

      On another note: Good to see you Mr. Howse! Good day to you! Heard any good/legally-purchased music lately?

  5. Hope she’s not on anything else…

  6. Damn, hashish? That’s one step away from crack and crystal. Hope she gets clean soon.

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  8. Damn it! I’ve got tickets to her show. Curse my stupid state…

  9. The bigger issue is why the hell is the border patrol stopping US citizens at checkpoints so deep inside the country.

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  11. It’s really pathetic that Obama has cracked down on drugs even more than Bush or Reagan…but I guess nobody knows that because Harold and Kumar are actually campaigning for him. Pathetic.

    War is a Racket, and the Drug War is no exception!


  13. Don’t judge her, fuckers.

  14. LOL at the Drug War getting upvotes in here…because Obama?

  15. “The prison population is off the hook in this country. In 1993, at the height of apartheid in South Africa, the incarceration of black males was 870 per 100,000. In 2004 in the U.S., for every 100,000 people we are sending 4,919 black males to prison. And the majority of those are for nonviolent drug offenses. But we’d rather send people to prison than give them information and treatment.” — Neill Franklin, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

    • Drugs are illegal because they will mess up your life…so if we catch you, we’ll throw you in a cage and mess up your life for you. Good luck not getting raped.

      The real players in the drug game support the drug wars as much as the CIA and the DEA. Helps keep prices up. The whole thing is a violent fucking racist scam. Both Obama and Romney support it 100%.

      Free Fiona!!!

    • Something being “off the hook” is not good now? Or was it always a bad thing and I just didn’t know it? This could explain a lot of my disappointments.

      Some Dude: These Cheetos are off the hook!
      Me: Oh God, these are really stale!

      Some Dude: Man, that band is off the hook!
      (days later)Me: This Clap Your Hands Say Yeah album has maybe three good songs.

      Mom: This phone is off the hook!
      Me: I dunno, looks like a regular land line to me…

  16. And yet another reaosn why we need to fucking legalize it already. Christ. And God, I hate Texas and its totalitarian oppressive ways.

  17. OH MY GOD THE WOMAN IS A GENIUS LET THE BITCH HAVE SOME DRUGS. It helps her, and this coming from an anti-drug square that I am. Weed is alright with me. I talked to Fiona last Friday night, she’s better than fine. ;) She’s free now and I hope she continues the tour and DOESN’T LET THOSE BASTARDS GET HER DOWN!!!!

  18. I guess every single night was more than just alright…

  19. She’s been a bad, bad girl.

    Pretty sure I’m the first person to go there.
    God, I’m such a genius.

  20. Great, so I guess I’m not getting my hash now. Thanks a fucking lot Fionna. You owe me 50 bucks

  21. *clears throat* I guess we know what was in her ‘Paper Bag’ [hold for applause)

  22. What I want to know is how her 2004 tour bus was pulled over on September 19, 2012. Way to bury the lead in a story about a time warp wormhole or some shit.

  23. The molecules of drugs are complex, and most of them consist of many hydrogen and carbon atoms, a few oxygen atoms, and one or a few nitrogen atoms. Drugs may also have no nitrogen atoms in it and many may have chlorine atoms in it, such as chloral hydrate. Thanks.

  24. Red : When I first saw Fiona Apple she wasn’t much to look at, looked like a strong gust of wind would blow er right over….

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