Tegan And Sara - "Closer"

Sisterly alt-rock duo Tegan And Sara have been flirting with synthier textures in recent years, and their new single “Closer” is pretty much a full-on dive into that stuff — balanced about halfway between Passion Pit and full-on EDM, several miles removed from “Walking With A Ghost.” Hear it below.

(via Rolling Stone)

The duo have a new album due in January.

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  1. I always feel like I’m going to grow out of Tegan and Sara. And then I see something with the phrase ‘New Tegan and Sara’ in it and I squee all over the place like a fangirl.

  2. It’s definitely different but I still thoroughly enjoy it!

  3. I can hardly stand how good this is.

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  5. This is not at all what I expected when I read “new Tegan & Sara.” This sounds so young and fresh. But I really like it

  6. i fuckin love tegan and sara! <3

  7. :(

    I love you Tegan & Sara …

    Really sad this new song hints at the new direction for the album. It really is Katy Perry/Jesse J melody/synth garbage sounding. Of course, your voices are beautiful and the lyrics are true to you but the production of the song is everything I thought you’d never become.

    All your previous albums, I will always cherish, down to every single song before this. I’m sure you’ll find a whole new audience that will love this new album. Cheers to newfound success in the making! Wish you the best no matter what!

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