Paul Westerberg

Totally coincidentally, the same day we publish our massive feature on the discography of the Replacements, none other than Paul Westerberg himself drops a new solo track on us — his first since 2009. “My Road Now” is a digression from the rockers that have populated Westerberg’s last few solo albums, instead recalling the lonely, haunted ballads that made up much of 2002′s Stereo LP; it’s just Paul and a piano, the lyric a bitter and broken kiss-off to an ex (“This is my road now, and you can hit it, baby / I don’t care where you go”). The track comes from I Will Dare blogger Jodi Chromey, who received it out of the blue from Westerberg’s manager earlier today. It’s great and you should absolutely download and listen to it right now.

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  1. Love it! Hope there’s more to come.

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  3. Hit the road then honey.

  4. thank god. this is my new theme song. (thanks, paul-)

  5. Here comes our regular…I’ve missed ya Paul.

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