Shut Up, Dude 9/21/12

This week in Stereogum … we chatted with Aimee Mann, Bat For Lashes, Ben Gibbard, Matt & Kim, and Billy Corgan. We ranked the Top 10 Indie Rock Docs, Pixies’ 10 Best Songs, and the Replacements’ discography. Fiona got arrested, AnCo kicked off their tour, and Grizzly Bear released the Album Of The Week (Month? (Year?)). Let’s see what you had to say about all this, and who said it best and worst!



Clay Graham | Sep 20th Score:22

I didn’t read any of the article and now I’m commenting on it.

Posted in: Billy Corgan On The State Of The Alternative Community
#8 Tommy | Sep 14th Score:25

I fucked up big time.

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#7 haiimalex | Sep 20th Score:26

“I know what you’re thinking: a seemingly throwaway track like ‘Tame’ has no business at the top of this list.”
pretty much yah

Posted in: Pixies’ 10 Best Songs
#6 woozefa | Sep 20th Score:29

not til you learn the actual name of the song.

Posted in: Pixies’ 10 Best Songs
#5 plb102 | Sep 20th Score:32

seriously? I bet she’d shank the fuck out of someone if she had to.

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#4 Corban Goble | Sep 14th Score:33

In closing, Swerve.

Posted in: Premature Evaluation: Kanye West Presents G.O.O.D. Music Cruel Summer
#3 godsdog | Sep 14th Score:34

I’m not particularly witty or incisive – BUT I do love to see my name at the top of lists.

SO – I’m asking professional-ish Stereogummers to upvote all my comments.

In return you will receive my gratitude for 1 week – or if you live locally; meth and blow jobs

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#2 thomasbrownester | Sep 20th Score:40


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#1 Dr. Feelgood | Sep 20th Score:63

What she needs is a good defense. Probably feeling like a criminal right now.

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Rob Casper | Sep 20th Score:-9

hey i wonder why this $ite often exclude$ obviou$ choice$ when picking the$e list$

Posted in: Pixies’ 10 Best Songs
#4 mrsimple0 | Sep 18th Score:-9

I resent that these bands are considered “indie”. It’s lazy journalism at best, and at worst it’s co-opting several generations of music into one for the sake of an article. Second… ’best of’ lists are stupid.

Posted in: The 10 Best Indie Rock Documentaries
#3 ironic mustache | Sep 14th Score:-15

Another slow day in music news, another “Worst to Best” list. Does anyone really need to see these albums ranked like this? Who cares? Stereogum is getting awfully close to pitchforkland these days.

Posted in: Pavement Albums From Worst To Best
#2 elitist | Sep 17th Score:-16

Steve Albini is an untalented douchebag, who should really shut the F up because his opinion does not matter, to anyone. And why does he even care about what she does. Shut up dude, you are nobody

Posted in: Amanda Palmer: Albini Is A Grumpy Fuck / Albini: She’s Gross
#1 rubberjohnny0829 | Sep 20th Score:-25

i don’t know which picture she looks worse in. lay off the heroin, slut.

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Mephisto Pheles | Sep 20th Score:15

Thank you T. Cole Rachel for such an outstanding interview, it’s the second one I read from you in a couple of days (Aimee Mann was the first). And thanks to Billy Corgan too of course, for being who he is.

Posted in: Billy Corgan On The State Of The Alternative Community


Kelly Conaboy | Sep 18th Score:1


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Comments (36)
  1. Nailed it.

    • Very Zen of you. If people only knew they could make the top ten by saying nothing. I also like how your avitar looks kind of like a smiley face with a mustache.

  2. So does this mean I get no meth AND no blowjob?

    Rough weekend. At least OG rubjohn is back on top. Gotta see the silver lining people.

    • Right? godsdog owes us a BJ Bonanza.

    • Hey Raptor, I just wanted to mention that your comment about the new How To Dress Well album got me to listen to it and I’m into it. I’d never given him much of a chance but for some reason I didn’t think it was my thing. Is the new one more accessible than some of his older stuff?

      I’m thinking in the past I’d only listened to him on my shitty computer speakers at work which is why I had a negative perception.

      Also, I’m about to go see The Master. Anyone else going tonight? Based on what I’ve read I’m going to need someone to explain it to me.

      • holy shit me too! we are all pretty tight guys (pause), let’s stop dancing around it – we are official internet friends (4 life?) (obvs 4 internet life)

        • I don’t have facebook and with the exception of one or two I don’t follow people I know on Twitter or Instagram. For some reason I am much more interested in communicating with strangers online, I don’t really care what people I know are up to.

          So you guys are my ONLY internet friends (4 eva) and that’s real.

      • plb, d-tits, rjc bffz 4lyfe

        The new How To Dress Well is way more accessible. I honestly avoided his first reason until Love Remains was gifted to me on vinyl. It’s a good listen but I wasn’t crazy for it. There were a few songs I really loved though.

        This new one just swept me away though. His voice is way clearer and it’s also a cohesive album experience. When he reuses the track 6 instrumental for a track 9 climax is a beautiful moment. Loving on the penultimate track hard.

        I’m hoping to see The Master this weekend.

        But you should sink into Total Loss… Totally worth it.

    • I blame Dr. Feelgood. His infinite arsenal of wit costed all of us bjs and meth.

  3. Did Kanye West make the banner advertisement to the left himself?

    “The Instant Classic New God Flow”?

  4. Fuuuuuuuuck guys what a week. Like, not much music, right? Gotta be honest – GOOd music roster, outside of pusha and hit-boy, suuuuuuuuuuuuucks. Ma$e – religious as fuck – out raps most of these verses. and it’s annoying because, you know what? I can write better raps – I can. Mine are all sexual and maybe disturbing, but progressive and there’s double entendre. Puns? Fuck, of course there’s puns – get the hell out of decetown. I’m not saying I’m B.I.G. (because who would do that…… lil shawn), but that’s a sad state of affairs.

    But, you know, what is a good posse record? Maybe I haven’t even heard a good’en. I read that it was better than young money and maybach shitic – OBVS. What a fuckin shocker, knocked me off my rocker. Not. Not, so hard. I wouldn’t even compare that shit. Maybach music group is where wack rappers go to die. rick ross? done. wale? nike boots then done (nike boots doesn’t even hold up these days). You know who would make a KILLER posse record – black hippy. Kendrick probably wouldn’t even join good music 3 years ago. For fuck’s sake, Q-Tip isn’t even on the record. Why would he be? A tribe called quest next to kid cudi’s official statement on his hate of music – what a sad state of affairs that would have been. Q-tip does not need good music. I was so pumped when he joined, I picture him, pre-last 4 years Common, pusha, ye, and jay just rippin the fuck out of a record – g.o.o.d. friday style. But no.

    Actually, that is probably the best posse record you could put together, all of those Kanye good friday tracks. The glory days my friends. And what’s the common theme here? All ye on those good friday. Ghostface shows up and MURDERS the rest of the album with one verse – let’s put it in context, guys.

    why is kanye’s judgment in rappers so frequently turd? Dude could have ANY rapper on his label and big sean, cyhi, and 2 chainz is what he’s chosen? Really? …. Really?

    It’s all politics man. I’ve had a couple drinks.

    - Don Titty.

    • and Tame Impala top 10 of the year – either 8.7 or 9.1 on pitchfork – QUOTE ME BRO.

      • All I care about is an 8.7 or 9.1 from Don Titty, who is doing all of us a disservice by not having his own music blog.

      • Seconded on Tame Impala, already in my top 7 for 2012 and I’ve only been listening for a day. It’s better than Innerspeaker(I think) I don’t know if I can see a 9.0 or above from pfork but I could see an 8.8 or 8.9. There should be a way to bet on it. I’d set the O/U at 8.75.

      • Michael_  |   Posted on Sep 22nd, 2012 +6

        Pitchfork needs to throw some variation into their decimal point system. Not always but often when I see an 8.4, my heart sinks a little because I know the album is good enough to enjoy but grow tired of quickly. Whenever I see a 9.1, I’m like, “Whoa…” but then realize they had to do that to establish the band as a powerhouse player and other people who are fans of the band might not necessarily think of it as the band’s best ans say it’s an 8.7. 8.3 with Best New Music? Forget about making it onto the year end list. 7.8, 7.9. 8.0 without a Best New Music? You could very well find your way in the top 20, (right Abe Vigoda’s Crush?) Sure, each review represents just one writers’ thoughts, but what we’re talking about here is how the scores themselves now represent more than just the quality of the music — It’s a brand.

        I also think it would be cool if there were term limits set on the staff writers’ roles. You need new perspectives and opinions on bands to keep things fresh and the longer of a reader I am of Pitchfork, the less surprised I am to read certain reviewers’ thoughts or willingness to read them without seeing their trending bias.

        • The score has to be collaborative though right? You make a great point, that score is a brand. There are so many albums that I can tell you off the top of my head what the pitchfork rating was. It can really define an album. I wouldn’t think they would give all that power to just one person.

          Pitchfork has become so huge, they have over 2 mil twitter followers, it’s all about that score. I would guess that most people just click on a review to see the rating and skim the write up or don’t read it at all. “Hey did you see so and so band got a whatever rating on Pitchfork?” has become such a generic water cooler convo for yuppies interested in music, myself included. I’ve always thought of Pitchfork as something that made me more knowledgeable about music but maybe the rating system has dumbed us all down a bit.

          • Michael_  |   Posted on Sep 22nd, 2012 +2

            I think a certain former Pitchfork writer who now writes elsewhere did say there are group discussions over scores, which kind of sounds like a funny scenario to watch play out if say you have the actual reviewer hellbent on not giving the album a BNM while a higher-up thinks it should. There has to be some finality upon the reviewers’ part to justify the score at the end of it, though, which would explain why an album like Merchandise’s Children of Desire will likely transcend the 7-point-something rating to become one of the year’s top albums. I say that based on how much Jenn Pelly has been trumpeting them on there and every social media outlet she and her sisters can get a hold of. The Pelly sisters are the new dominant force in indie music journalism, and those chicks are serious with the takeover.

        • Wait, this is not sarcasm????

      • Heard that. “Lonerism” is fucking amazing!

  5. I can safely say I’m Ireland’s first ever Stereogum silver medalist. I’d like to thank Stereogum for leaving my favourite Pixies song out of their list, without that I’d be nothing.

  6. Big & Rich comeback album “Hillbilly Jedi” most def a 8.3-9.5 on pitchfork if only for the two Cowboy Troy cameos alone. Great to see the boys back and with Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora in tow. Also predicting BNT for that Michael Jackson song about abortion papers. “THOSE ABORTION PAAAPAAZZ” – classic shit, jacko. Definitely deserved to be an album cut.

  7. I feel like the new Muse is provoke the best and worst comments or next week. It’s a timebomb.

  8. You guys, I saw Grizzly Bear on Saturday and I wrote about it. Check out the write up if you’re interested! (spoiler alert: it was really really good)

  9. Melody’s Echo Chamber >>>>Lame Impala. sorry “bros”

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