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It feels like Bon Iver has been a part of the indie rock firmament for years now, but when you look back on it, their output has been tiny: Two albums, one EP. And as it turns out, that may be all we get. In a recent interview with the Minnesota public radio station 89.3 The Current, Justin Vernon said that the band was “winding it down” and that he expected that he’d soon walk away from it, maybe permanently. He didn’t really make any specific claims, but it sure sounds like we might not get too many more chances to see Bon Iver, at least for a while. Here’s what Vernon said, responding to a question about what’s next for Bon Iver:

Winding it down. I look at it like a faucet. I have to turn it off and walk away from it because so much of how that music comes together is subconscious or discovering. There’s so much attention on the band, it can be distracting at times. I really feel the need to walk away from it while I still care about it. And then if I come back to it – if at all – I’ll feel better about it and be renewed or something to do that.

(via The Current)

Meanwhile, Bon Iver’s Friday night show at Radio City Music Hall is streaming online in HD; watch it here. Also, as Pitchfork reports, a representative for Bon Iver’s label Jagjaguwar has issued a statement saying that the band is “just going off cycle after two very busy years on this record.”

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  1. I cuddled with his cat last weekend.

  2. Hope he doesn’t finish it, but if he does then the Bon Iver discography will be pretty much perfect.

  3. He made the same sort of ambiguous statement at the end of his Hollywood Forever graveyard performance … perhaps it’s just a bad habit of his to call it quits when he’s feeling uninspired.

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    • You’re so right. Also, your opinion on music is clearly more compelling than the inherent and great subjectivity of music, or any art form, for that matter. Please, write a book proclaiming what are factually the greatest songs, albums, movies, books, and works of art of all time so we can all stop arguing about it because it will finally be decided once and for all.

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        • You know something? YOU SUCK! KNIBB HIGH FOOTBALL RULES!

          Also, The Antlers, Wild Beasts, LED FUCKING ZEPPELIN, Frank Ocean, Elliott Smith… the list of great acts who’ve used falsetto could go on. So no. You’re wrong.

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          • I am with you 95%. Miranda Lambert rules! And The Suburbs is a great record.

          • cale: “I am with you 100%. Bon Iver is the worst. As is Frank Ocean, and the Antlers. An it only shows how limited Bon Iver fans taste are that, the Antlers and Frank Ocean are the artist that are brought up to defend him. If anything he should have brought up Prince, or the Brian Wilson. But this ASSHOLE name drops Frank Ocean and Wild Beasts? Give me a fucking break. Good Riddance is right. That self titled album was one of the worst records Ive heard in years. And this includes, that terrible Miranda Lambert album I listened to once. That new Kreashawn album that was unlistenable, that god awful POP Etc album that came out earlier this year, and that new John Mayer album my sister made me listen to over Labor Day that made me want to jump out the window. Bon Iver is simply one of the worst and most overrated artist EVER. Even Arcade Fire who also suck have a few good songs. This guy had maybe 2 on his first album. And absolutely none on the last one. #iJustWantAttentionMan”

          • miguelito1: “The Antlers sound like the most boring band in the world so I’ve never listened to them, and now that I know they sing like girls, I definitely won’t.”

            You’ve never listened to them and yet you know that they sing like girls? LOL. Glad to know that you either trust HartfordTheWhale that much or you’re just plain stupid. :)

          • ok, on your rec i’ll check out the antlers and see if they do sing like girls or are really boring or whatever.

        • I know I’m not your editor, but you can’t release this book. It’s really not very fleshed out. You could lose a lot of money here.

    • You need to have a sit down with Prince.

    • “Good riddance. The last thing we need is one more band playing soft rock with a man singing like a girl.”

      Really? And here I was thinking we need a lot less of sexism and stupidity. But, I guess there’s more room now for people like you out there since the world is getting more educated. :)

      • actually i listen to more female musicians than males. and i like plenty of guys with weird androgynous voices like antony and the johnsons. i just don’t like guys who whine or yelp or coo. memo to many recent indie-rockers: your half-assed “singing” is not DIY or punk or artistic, it’s just lame.

  5. Day ruined.

  6. Act now, Stereogum; the time is ripe for a Bon Iver albums from best to worst list. It would be short enough that no attention spans will be tested and it also will create a limited number of “What? No _______?!?!?” comments. Plus, it’s much more of a slam dunk than a 10 best Bon Iver songs list. No one wants to risk pissing off all of the diehard “Team” fans out there.

  7. At a recent concert he said its their last US tour for a while. Hopefully he just works on another side project and comes back to this one in a couple years. Man Im glad I shelled out to see them live. After losing the possibility of seeing Girls live this would be too much.

  8. Why is no one asking him the important questions, like what’s going on with that new Volcano Choir album he mentioned a few months ago?

  9. As fate would have it, Bon Iver’s status appears to be at an all-time high. Perfect time to say goodbye. When he comes back like Jordan, wearin the 45 it ain’t to play games witchu – it’s to aim at you, probably maim you. If he owes you he’s blowin you to smithereeens.

  10. I remember he said a while back that he’d like to step away for something like, err, five years I think it was. Personally, I think that’s fine. The stuff released under the Bon Iver name is very personal and different from his other work, much of which needs (deserves even) more attention. Hopefully he’ll take the time to release (and re-release) some more solo stuff (where he doesn’t sing in falsetto all the time). Another Gayngs album would certainly be welcome. As would something else along the lines of Volcano Choir (like, ya know, another Volcano Choir album).

  11. Depressing at first, but I suppose it’s better that he quits while he’s ahead right? Plus, maybe we can hear The Shouting Matches album that was supposedly in the works now.


    p.s. I’m drunk as FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK right now !!!!! lol

    • when momma rubjon finds out what happened to her goldschlager she is gonna be piiisssssed.

      • actually my mom has been in rehab from alcoholism but let’s not go there lol i still drink cause it’s fun and it’s not like it’s hurting anybody. and i don’t live at home asshole. i live with three of my friends who all think this site is gayyyyyyy.

  13. Shoot for the stars, RubberJohnny

  14. More Volcano Choir plz

  15. I hope Justin starts a power metal band or something. I mean he’s got bon iver and his other folky projects, and his work with kanye. He just needs to do music on all spectrums.

  16. a lot of drunk cookie baking was done to your music. you will be missed.

  17. It’s better to Bon out than to fade away.

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